Sunday, January 22, 2012

I'm moving into a new house this holiday as my father will be posted back to KL. 
when my mum told me we'll have some space for BBQ, 6 rooms and 4 toilets, immediately i thought of throwing a party! our neighbours are all military family, so no screaming and shouting at home. 

Today I spent whole day cleaning my room, wiping the wall and wardrobe. I even rearranged my room with the help of Jun Kwan. The excitement of moving into new house is felt by everyone in the family. The current apartment we're staying now is a little too small to keep our stuff. I've been sleeping with boxes in my room, so i'm not to be blamed for my small build, no space to grow=p My new room come with attached toilet and a queen size bed, it's really spacious. 
from  my room window=)
this new house is just 10mins away from KLCC, I can run to KLCC within 30 mins. There's a tree at the back compound of this house, suddenly I had the thought of making a tree house =p there're so much of plan for this new house, I'll start with my room first =)

This is one interesting interview by Taylor Swift! =)

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Calvin said...

The house looks great! I like how spacious it is with 6 rooms and 4 toilets. Your room even has the space to have a queen-sized bed in it! But what I like best about the house is that it is just near KLCC. One factor to consider when buying a house is its location. It would be good to be near amenities like shops, pubs, restaurants, schools, and parks.

@Calvin Mordarski