Tuesday, January 31, 2012

quitters never win

28th January marked a new chapter in my comrades' life. Their life as an officer cadet has ended and now life as young officers just started. The commissioning parade was amazing! It was an outstanding performance by the young officers, I felt so proud to watch a flawless parade! Thousands of people came for the parade, and I've expected my ex will come. Actually, I've never ever mentioned her in my blog nor officially declare her as my gf when we were together. It was due to our difference in religion that we had to break up. Later, she got together with my best friend. A lot of things happened after that, and we were not in good term. I didn't even notice her sitting on the same block as me during the commissioning parade! I was so sure that she saw me as I was one of the few that wears blazer and distribute the booklets to the spectators. Our relationship didn't end well, so we became strangers after that. Suddenly when I saw her, My heart was beating so fast, and my mind was like very quickly flipping back the old chapters of my past. She was very nice to me, but I was the one who wanted to break up after 2.5 years because I don't wanna waste her time, we will not go one step further. Till today, the blame is on me. I took a final glimpse of  her before she left, deep down inside I was saying "may u be well and happy Sal".

I strapped up my body with rocktape yesterday after suffering from neck pain. Now I'm feeling so much better. With the current training, 10 hours sleep is desperately needed! Tough week ahead and a few cadets broke down. When u are mentally tore apart, yr strong physique became useless.

The pain is nothing compared to how it feels like to quit. Quitters never win, winners never quit!

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Junkees said...

dude i really like the quotes...i really hope one day i can join the army...felt soo boring work as an engineer lol...well maybe i have no passion for it...