Sunday, December 25, 2011

Loading tummy

This is my very healthy breakfast at Renaissance Hotel. After a hard torturing week sitting for exams and trying to gain my appetite, finally I get to rest a bit at home. Obviously, 3 days holiday is not enough for me to gain weight. Can't believe that gaining weight is so damn hard. Imagine during exams, I'm thinking of how to put on weight. While studying, I kept eating chocolates and bread. After all my hardwork eating, I gained as little as 1kg :P Newton 25km Run is just around the corner, 6 more days to test my fitness. That's why I love racing, I don't feel hopeless or useless during normal days, I have something that I'm looking forward to. Keeping myself occupied is the best way to stop this overly active brain from dreaming of the past.

I watched the Ironman 2011 world championship last night while doing my power point presentation, came to a few scenes, I was deeply touched and nearly teared. A 81 years old doctor, was really weak on the marathon after whole day of pushing the body to the limit. He fell many times, his knees and elbow was bleeding after falling. He got back up every time he collapsed. He was so close to cut off time, and I truly understand that the feeling of racing against time is worst that being chased by a stray dog. A stray dog feels tired after some time, but the clock never feels tired ticking every single second. This old man's fighting spirit is really impressive, and I'm sure he is a stubborn man as well. He stood firm with his decision to give his all to cross the finishing line despite being told to give up.

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