Tuesday, December 27, 2011


四年来的知识与努力,就在今天的短短半小时的 presentation 被讲师 jugde whether am I a 没用的大苯蛋。刚 present 的朋友,已被骂到狗血淋头。但我,还在这儿blogging. My mandrin really sucks. Guess I'm gonna start blogging in mandrin soon. I used to write very good Chinese essays, due to environment which doesn't encourage me to practise mandrin, my mandrin has deteriorate. 哈哈。It took me like 15mins to write the words above.:P kinda fun though. One more hour I'll enter the presentation room, hopefully my lecturers won't fire me and make me their mortar proving ground:P my project is something I really proud of, I spend lots of time keep improving my project. I hope my effort will be fruitful, and I can proudly brag with this project. The first two words "armour piercing" of my project, sounds so powerful and strong, full of manly ego. Haha. I just love it when lecturers were stunned only my listening to my project title. Haha.:P hopefully I don't keep mum when they fire me for my presentation. I must defend my stand! 讲的好,做的到吗? 哈哈。

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