Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Sometimes my ego make me a cocky person. I'm not over confident all the time, I'm conscious of what I'm capable of. I guess that's the reason why God made me a slow learner, coz he knows that if I master everything easily, I'll be over confident. So today, I had a super hard day. everything I need to achieve, I face obstacles and bad luck. Every single hour, Yes Every Single Hour of 20th December I've been getting BAD news! The very last one came from my aunt during my supper. Hopefully no more. I was really down and dead, no appetite to eat. I went to the counter and asked for coke. Coke has always been my last resort for depression. My body is super sensitive to caffeine effect, so coke did make me feel fresher and alive. Now 2am in the morning, I'm doing my final year project. Before I sleep, no more bad news please

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