Friday, December 30, 2011


2.30am in the morning, just completed my much hated control engineering assignments. Here am I again, to record the surprise party organized by Aiman, Ahmad and Amirul for me.:) It's a blessing for me to meet them. 4 of us have different character and the unique part is we get to complement one another coz either one of us will be good at the weakness of the other three.

This evening, I have decided to run 7km to test if I'm ready for newton. I'm still not giving up unless god forbid. It's just not me to lose hope that quickly without trying. I completed the 7km in 28mins 2 secs, more than a minute slower than my personal best. I wasn't breathing well and not in perfect shape to score another PB. I was paying all my attention to sense any feeling of irritation in my body especially the joints. By listening to my body, I can decide whether to do newton or not. Newton run is 25km, last year I completed the run with my ankle hurt, which was stubborn and stupid.

I need to learn to pull out and give up on races that I can't do well because of unexpected injuries. As for today, I felt alright. No ankle pain. I hope it isn't a mistake to do newton this Sunday.. just pray hard...

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