Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Birthday Double Too

I'm anticipating for a phone call, from an old friend. It's funny when u have a post paid smart phone, but dialling a  mobile number can be such a challenging task. I'm hoping for a birthday wish. Tomorrow, I'll turn 22 and to be very frank, I'm feeling very very old. my 2 digits age with the initial 2, gives me the feeling like my character is too childish to be 22. I should be serious and talk like a real man from tomorrow onwards=p It feels like all of the sudden the time is accelerating. How come I turn old so fast? 
I should stop making squeaky sounds when joking with friends...
I should laugh like "ho ho ho" instead of "hi hi hi"...
My smiles should look wicked instead of sweet.

22 years back. My brilliant parents gave me a super nice name.
my name JUN SHEN should describe my character.
军 pronounced as JUN, means Soldier.
胜 pronounced as SHEN, means Victory.
No wonder I'm so cocky=p always wanna win. parents to be blamed for giving me such name=p hahaha

Now, straight to the point. I wanna sum up what I've done throughout this year. 
 I bought my new bike Polygon 700.
I climbed Broga Hill with Aiman, Abg Alang, Amirul and Ahmad.
I lost the Pagoh orienteering for reading the map wrongly.
I did 1hour 29mins for Bareno run, first time into top 10.
Presented pantun during Dato Amir's farewell and received the greatest standing ovation in my life!

Penang Life
Did my industrial training in Prai Power Plant, subsidiary of Malakoff Corp Berhad, very well paid.
Had the greatest time of my life in Penang, first time I was so near and so close to Jamie after knowing her for  years. I was blessed with a very kind landlord Alvin who treated me like his blood brother, I can never thank him enough for his very nice treatment. Both of us were caught by police for fishing at port area, that was one of the crazy experience that we had which I won't forget. His car is really impressive, I will always remember when he sped up batu feringghi, I felt like on a roller coaster ride=p Jamie and I gave him a surprise birthday cake, when we went in, he was half naked. I got to know his birthday from his saman! haha. I became a part time swim coach in Penang by coaching Ethan. Knowing Ethan, Michael, Jasmine and Josephine was interesting. U guys have no idea how much of attention I got from them throughout my stay in Penang, they care so much for me. They made me feel loved and I'm part of their family. I had dental treatment done by Jamie, and she was self talking for 42mins to entertain me while digging my mouth. In Penang, I experienced my very first earthquake. Thanks to Jaspreet for all her jokes to entertain everyone, I really enjoyed her company. I went through lots of ups and downs in Penang, had lots of issues as well. But still, I enjoyed every single minute of it, especially being a carefree civilian. The day i left Penang, was the day I stopped eating beef.

Back to Reality

July 24th I left Penang, I had an unexpected issues, I was hurt when I left Penang. However, a very important task awaiting me in UPNM. I need to defend my title as the University Duathlete of The Year, I need to be the overall champion again to bring back all 4 trophies for my team. Thanks to strong support from parents, team, university, and a few close friends, I did it again! two in a row! and to the reporter who wrote I failed to defend my title during the first leg, I hope my overall result can keep yr mouth shut. I'm still the champion.

I went to Kuala Selangor with my family, my first time there to watch fireflies. I sponsored my grandma her New balance running shoes which costs a quarter of my pay, she was very very happy and the whole taman knows that i bought her running shoes=) Next I bought myself 2 pairs of Asics running shoes, and I recalled the first time when I asked for Asics running shoes from my dad and he brought me to Bundle at Jalan TAR, that was many years back. I wanted an Asics so badly, but too bad it was too costly. Now I earn my own pay, I get to own what I couldn't afford to have.

September & October & November

I put on my rank as cadet sergeant. 
Celebrated Jamie's birthday.
Good experience selling satay in my uni, wear long sleeve with slack some more. =p
Aiman and I ran around Pangkor, completed the 24km loop under hot sun. we swam across to the island opposite too! This is something worth bragging=p
I scored top 10 in Powerman, could have done better though. 
I bet with Azrul Syaffiq that the guy who lost Powerman will have to take off his pants, and he still owes me that! 
ko ingat aku lupa?=p

my final year project

was double promoted for self defence exam, I'm closer to my second black belt! =)
had some serious personal issues since months ago, ended up losing appetite, finally got gastric. 
the most horrible farewell gift - gastric. 
In 2 month's time, I lost 5 kgs. No matter how much of pain and stress I'm going through, I never let it affects my academics. I did well for today's presentation, the panel did mention that my presentation was good=) so all my hard work and sleepless night paid off. last week I sprained my ankle for fooling around while running, now I'm still in pain.
the best birthday present ever - ankle pain.
A very big congratulations to my youngest brother Jun KwanTamilnesan =p

the pain is very mild, but I don't wanna take the risk to run 25km Newton Run. I have another 3 more days to decide. I hope to recover fast, I'm so eager to run with Kevin Siah=p I wanna start my new year with this 25km run!

I feel grateful for meeting so many nice people along my way which gave me support especially at times when I need it the most. May I graduate on time, and maintain my 3 pointer academics result. I can't wait to leave Kem Sg Besi! =p Hope this will be my 2nd last birthday in this place. Gosh! next year I'll be here on my birthday before being commissioned in January! shit =p I REALLY HOPE that UPNM will allow me to actively race for my final year instead of tying me with the final year zulu regimental routine, i don't think it is possible though. 

last but not least....


K3vski said...

At 22, you're still a baby lah! Where got old :P

Take care and don't risk Newton if you're not recovered. Heheh running with me still in recovery mode post IMWA is not that exciting haha.

Henry Wong said...

生日快乐. Wishing you all the best in years to come.