Saturday, December 31, 2011

Carbo Loading

I'm a lazy bump endurance athlete who strives to improve timing but too lazy to increase my training load.
The laziest way to improve is by eating smart, have a brilliant nutrition plan on race day. So I'm gonna share mine here, if u have a better nutrition plan, hope u can share with me=)

According to my heart rate monitor, I burn around 500kcal for distance of 7km. Tomorrow I'll be running Newton 25km, so my calorie burn will be approximately :
500kcal x 3.5 = 1750kcal

1 performance Power Bar = 240kcal
1 Triple Threat Power Bar = 220kcal
1 packet of Sport Beans = 100kcal
1 packet of Gu Chomps = 180kcal

so, do your math. It's good enough if u can refuel 70% of your calorie burn during race. 
1750kcal x 70% = 1225kcal.

My close friends will probably notice that when come race season, I avoid oily foods, cold drinks, and drinks with caffeine. A month before race day I'll start controlling my food intake. I never tolerate on endurance nutrition, my bento box on my bike is always filled with electrolytes during long distance cycling, my trishorts will be stuffed with gels if I run more than 15km. Active racer like me, almost one race every month, so throughout the year I have my diet under control. Once I get used to healthy eating, it has become a good habit=)

Those who love caffeine effects, please keep in mind that caffeine is diuretic, u gotta consider the side effects especially during long distance racing.

My pre race day food=)
Never ever underestimate this ugly looking banana. This is what I call "fast food" which will make me run fast tmrw. This is pisang berangan, besok boleh la aku berangan masa lari... Rich in potasium, cheapest way to refuel. By the way, it costs me only 1 ringgit. =p
Electrolytes. My fluid intake for today will be mainly electrolytes. drink consistently, not pour whole bottle and make your stomach bloat. while blogging, take a sip. when doing assignments, drink a bit. I filled my bottle with Power Bar recovery to speed up glycogen restoration and supports muscle recovery and repair.
Rehydrate is too important as tmrw I'll be losing volumes of sweat throughout the race.

My lunch and dinner. Moderate protein, high carbs. 
Bought this from Sup Meletup Bandar Tasik Selatan. Yum Yum... =p
Salmon spread with bread will be my supper. 

Tomorrow morning I have to present myself at Cadet's Mess at 0415H morning! to get enough sleep, I need to sleep around 9pm. so I'm not gonna nap. If I lie on my bed and nap, tonight I'll be rolling on my bed till next morning. Since exam is coming soon, I'll stay back to study instead of going home for overnight. Studying will surely make me sleep, which student likes to read books right?=p Before sleep, I will normally stretch a little, do foam roller exercises, and watch some inspirational videos to set my mind at the winning mode=)
As for tomorrow, completing the distance is a piece of cake, hopefully my left ankle doesn't give me problem.
To finish top 10, is a piece of shit=p I will have to dig deep and give my all to keep up with the fast runners.
I'm not in top form now, but i'll try my best =)

1st January 2012, new beginning of my life =)
start it with 25km Newton Run =) Good luck guys, see u tmrw=)

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