Thursday, September 29, 2011

Father's Love

last night, I was touched by a statement from my friend.
we went for interview and our instructor will assess us based on a long list of officer's qualities. spent about half an hour in the meeting room, I was the only Navy, and the only Sergeant. I scored maximum for sports achievement, the other columns mostly slightly above average. He tested us on military knowledge and leadership. Then we did public speaking on our role models in life.

A friend of mine said :
"my role models are my mum and dad". everybody started laughing, it sounded like a big joke.

"my dad is not highly educated but he successfully sent all the 9 of us to school despite earning low income by selling nasi lemak. "
my father said "although I'm stupid, I showed u the way to success"
"now that I'm studying in this university, I have them to thank."

"walaupun aku bodoh, aku tunjukkan kau jalan"
a very simple speech, but deeply impacted everybody in the room. love need no intelligence, it comes from a sincere heart.

UPNM war dance. Photo courtesy Snap Attack =)
UPNM cadets, always full of adrenaline and aggression. Sarjan Jasmi was telling a friend of his "don't look at all this cadets sweet talk with their girl friends, they can be very fierce especially during war dance."
can u feel the rush?
tomorrow I will pay a visit to Batu Arang ammunition company to have a closer look on the APFSDS. hope it'll be a fruitful visit =)

this whole week, my blog clocked more than 250 readers everyday! thanks readers=)

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