Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm Fat

I wasn't caught hell striking, guess my running posture has improved.
I told Amirul, when I was running to the finishing line, I felt like the whole club is standing on my shoulder. It was a heavy responsibility to win, everybody passed by cheer for u, scream their throat out hoping u to go faster. this week I'm free, get to rest a little. Next week's final leg gonna be super steep climb all the way.
Heavy training high calorie burn must be replaced with good food. Everyday's lunch, I feel sad for all my comrades. I wonder if they know what are they eating. Many of them told me why I eat a lot but still very lean, that's because I eat a lot but my meal is low fat and high carbs.

for now, all cadets who exceeded the BMI limit will undergo special training program to slim them down. increment of 100g will result in 1 ringgit saman =p haha. I even told one of them, why not u join triathlon training, sure u will slim down.
he told me "I rather die than join your training"

makanan goreng katakan tidak,
tidak sihat penuh lemak,
Berat badan berat lemak,
disuruh berlari jerit "alamak!"

It's not easy to follow cadet's routine, then score good grades in academic, and at the same time actively involved in sports. It's really VERY tiring. I always go to bed exhausted, and often doze off with piles of assignments undone on my tables especially when come race seasons. For this semester, I will cut down my races and pay more attention on my academics.
Next week I'll be conducting Race Clinic on Science of Injury Free Running at University Malaya.

very inspiring Ironman video
days ago I went for a simple body fat percentage test. I saw the digital display blinking then got a cartoon moving up and down, then only appear the result. according to my online search, Cyclist 5 - 15%, Sprinters 3 - 5%. I was so disappointed with the result! my body fat percentage is 15.2%. I'm too FAT to become a cyclist. sometimes knowing too much is not a good thing. I'm not good in ball sports coz of my slightly slower respond. by the time I put out my leg to stop the ball, the ball already passed me.

I always tell my friend, my legs can only move one axis which is front and back, I can't play football. They make a big joke out of it saying that this weekend's inter course football, I'll be the super fast winger who dribble the ball out of the court and bring the ball for cycling. I know u guys like to laugh at me.
whatever it is, to all my Aeronautics course mates, best of luck=)

kalian lincah gelecek bola,
saya hanya mampu berlari,
Aeronautic pasti menjulang piala,
hanya juara yg kami cari.

Taylor surprised her mum with this song. Listen to the lyrics =) one of my favourite song.

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