Friday, October 14, 2011

Final Leg MUDS University Malaya

it has been a really long week.
this weekend will decide whether my training throughout the year is effective or not.
undeniably, quality of race for MUDS has leaped to the higher level over the years.
the competition is greater, faster cyclists and runner come with the winning thought.

as the saying goes, "champion will rise and stars will fall"

No matter being competitive or simply recreational, this event is for everybody. U can choose to walk and even push your bike throughout the sprint distance. As for me, I've watched this event grow since my young and naive junior years representing UPNM. I was given penalty for going into the wrong junction, had fever and DNF at Uniten, and the sweetest part when I was awarded the Power Bar University Duathlete of The Year.

I've never cheated.

there are times when I feel the competition is so intense that I couldn't bare with the pressure of wanting to win. Many people enjoy their race, but I will only enjoy if I can bring back medals. I push myself very hard, mainly to bring up my team's name. In order to get better allocation, we need good race results to prove to UPNM that worth sponsoring out team. Achievements don't come free, it requires months of preparation and volumes of trainings.

a friend asked me how was the race:
me : I lost
friend : what's your ranking?
me : 3rd
friend : F*ck you la. U liar.

I've tried to reduce risks and uncertainties by reading lots of books on endurance racing.
But still, I got myself injured 2 months back. I was wearing my uniform walking to the elevator and I felt sharp pain at the side of my left knee. till today I don't know why. Lucky enough, after I changed my running shoes, I slowly recovered. Though not fully well, I've made up my mind to be competitive. Theoretically, reduce training load and stop when u are not well.

First leg in UPNM, I lost in my home ground. A place where I've never lost to anybody (other than my team mates). I finished 3rd. wrong strategy. I wasn't feeling well that day, and I held the gap too close with the chase pack. I didn't push hard enough at points where I'm supposed to. probably I know the route too well, I think too much.

Second leg went well in UPM. with my team mates, we swallowed all race leaders. I gave my all, really nothing left in me. I could only maintain the gap I built on the bike, and finished the race 1st.

tomorrow is the final leg in UM and today I'll be conducting the pre-race clinic.
deep in my heart, I hope to delay this week's duathlon. On the other hand, I want to end all stresses. I need some rest. transition from long distance to sprinting is really not easy.

Physically, I've done everything to improve. what is left is just motivation and mental toughness. this is a sprint game, there's no room for mistakes. I don't even have time to drink! an hour of sprinting really pushes your body to the limit. I respect all the podium finishers, and also participating athletes from all walks of life. those competing for podium, are equally strong. it is just a little extra motivation and zeal which make an athlete the overall champion.
Right now I'm feeling empty and lousy, no idea why..

to be a champion, be EXTRA-ordinary.

good luck to all and race safely. tomorrow's descent can go up to 70km/h the sharp 90 degree left bend. please make sure both brake calipers functioning perfectly.

it's a race for bragging rights.


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