Sunday, October 9, 2011

Putrajaya Training Ride

Saturday morning.
A day after Adam's bike crash, everyone in the club still not in the mood to talk about our training plan. I care more about our training than his injury, because if he wants to be a good rider, he must be able to endure pain. Juniors made paperwork and our cycling training has been approved. Putrajaya will be our destination.

Before ride, one of the rider recited prayers after my briefing on how to group ride. they're a few juniors in the peloton, i was kinda worried actually. traffic will be busy, so riding in formation is very important so that we can conquer the left lane escorted by Sarjan Jasmi with 2 ladies cameraman in the car. as usual, no spare tube means no ride!

average of 34km/h when we reached Putrajaya.

tongue out =p
photo courtesy Zurul and Syaika.
they ran up to peak of Bukit Besi for morning training, then we just realised that we need some nice pics especially for those first timers who didn't have the chance to take pics at Putrajaya.

even before the ride I've told them many times, no breakaway please! safety always come first. stronger riders can stay at the front slightly longer, we must ride in group. at certain p
oints where the juniors started to slow down, I shouted at the peloton telling them to slow down so that the juniors can catch up. Some just try to show their ego by pulling at high speed ignoring the others. There is no need to unleash your ego when come to group ride, why wanna breakaway when the peloton is waiting for the rest to catch up? u think u are a fast rider? when u are supposed to pull, your legs become flimsy and weak, body swaying left and right like a worm? I seriously got annoyed.

many of them get scolding from me during the ride, especially those who turned on music and plug in ear phones. we have cameraman in the support car, some riders got excited when they saw the car pass by the peloton and started to wave like a mad man. we are riding in a big group and drafting one another, if your front wheel rubs with the back wheel of the front rider, u will surely crash! so please pay attention. Lots of bad words came out from my mouth within that few hours. That's how we always communicate during trainings anyway.
I see the need to teach them a lesson so that other riders will not complaint about them when they join mass start. My seniors didn't teach me all this, I learned through experience. Many great riders outside and we can always learn from them.

2km kayaking.

rode to Presint 5 to support the UPNM rowing team. my rowing friends showed me a guy who looks like Edward Cullen the Vampire. they told me rowing requires lower body strength, I'm gonna try their rowing machine next 2 weeks at Pusat Marin. who knows if I'll found my new talent? =p haha

water sports
our way back to Sungai Besi was much easier. Juniors understand the formation better.
However, most of them already exhausted and struggling to keep up with the pace. Double file went above 45km/h on the highway, still not too fast for the seniors. some of us have even reached 60km/h on flat highways, that's where we show our ego. Most of our riders, I can see they have the potential to go faster, just need a little training. Come on guys, BUCK UP!!!
Hope they learn something from this ride.

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jiha-run-for-life said...

hey i like your statement..

"There is no need to unleash your ego when come to group ride, why wanna breakaway when the peloton is waiting for the rest to catch up?"

more ego when there are some woman rider in the bunch..
show off maybe..hehe

train well ya.. good luck