Sunday, October 16, 2011

From The Eyes of University Duathlete of The Year

Athlete number A111, just another nervous athlete standing at the starting line waiting for Mr Yusof Rashid to flag us off. The running track and infamous Bukit Cinta are both disadvantageous to me. I never liked uneven running route coz i'm not very good in it. I'm a flat course specialist. The fact that Ong always beat me in UM has lowered my confidence, I started this game WITHOUT the winning thought. I was imagining how to tell people after losing this game. I told Amirul "whatever will be, will be. I just wanna end this as quick as possible."

the fact that I'm the UPNM athlete with highest points but overall standing 2nd, I feel extremely pressured. Even when Kannan wanted to interview me, I didn't talk much. However, I reminded all racers to check their brake calipers which is the utmost important safety check before riding up Bukit Cinta. I don't like to talk before race starts actually, because I want to focus on my game. There's a tornado going on in my mind, so please don't give me another hurricane.

Tips : safety is paramount
Took a picture with Mr Yusof Rashid 30 secs before gun off. I poured whole bottle of water on my head and started sprinting. Ong went to the front very quickly, I saw a few of my team mates also leading the way. Like the Iron war between Dave Scott and Mark Allen, now is happening in University Malaya between Ong and Chan. we were both winners of Power Bar University Duathlete of The Year. His strength on the run and my advantage on cycling spiced things up, making the competition more and more intense. That's what spectators want to see!
Haha. I wonder if anybody bet on us. If I'm the spectator, it'll be fun to watch. But now I'm the horse that u guys are betting on and I'm struggling! =p

Tips : everything went wrong, change to damage control mode.
never underestimate this humble looking guy. he will smoke u if u try to pace him.

Tips : Don't judge the book by its cover. Respect all athletes.

I was running with Gan (Ong's Team), and was confused with his moves.
He was running at unstable pace, one moment overtake me and slow down, and the next moment in front of me again. Then I ignored his pace and started running with my comfortable pace. Ong has become smaller and smaller, further and further, then disappeared.

Tips : run at your own pace if couldn't get a pacer.
Fly mount and slip on my shoes. My transition skills have tremendously improved and I went out together with those wearing shoes. I'll be racing with very minimum tactics this time, coz this track will really test whether can your muscles survive the hills. Put aside attacking and sprinting, all I had in mind was very tiny hope of finishing slightly in front of Ong.

the very first climb, I saw Ong pedalling at low cadence. I did my training, and I know this is my strength. Legs felt fresh and I just kept pedalling without looking back. There's no need to look back, because I can't do anything if Ong stuck at my back. Previous years, I couldn't get rid of him when he paces me. At the top of the hill, I look back and saw Red Jersey. wasn't sure if that was Amirul or Tarmizi, but I was relieved. Suddenly Amirul came to my side and said "Go Fast!". I was gasping for air and he sprinted down the hill. I will ride to drop dead disregard what will happen, bike is my strength. we overtook all relay riders, we are now the RACE LEADERS again!

together with Tarmizi and Amirul, 3 mad men went down the hill more than 60km/h.
He reads my mind and understands my condition, very familiar with my tactics and style.
repetition of ups and downs Bukit Cinta can be mentally demanding. I drank very little to prevent stomach bloating for my final run. The very last climb I worked together with Tarmizi, and Amirul was the King Of Downhill. I think he gone crazy when see downhill. I have confidence with him though, because we train together and I know his bike handling is very good.
He scored the fastest bike split. I was so sure that we were ahead by more than 400m.
Again, I heard Kicap's voice shouting and yelling at us.

maximum speed 64.5km/h
the word on my handle bar, is my motivation.
Aiman got his girl friend's picture on the handlebar.
Amirul will be rewarded by his girl if he gets Champion this time.
As for me, no girl will reward me and I do this to entertain the crowd who wants to see tough fight =p I'll reward myself with KFC Snack Plate if I win this game.

the last run was super duper torturous. my legs were flimsy, my body couldn't go any faster.
FINALLY, 3 of us crossed the line in one pack. Amirul and I crossed together, but his leg was slightly longer than mine making him the overall champion. Mek was there right after I crossed the line, I felt like fainting. I didn't bend down, just kept walking till my body feels slightly better.

Moral of the story : It is nice to have longer legs=p
lady rider fell before entering transitions. good experience, she'll be a stronger and better rider next time. anything that doesn't kill u will only make u stronger. take it positive.

Tips : when u fall, leave the bike and protect your face first. especially girls. =p
Polygon Helios 700 is a very good bike. Replacement tires from Mr Danny shows their concern for customer's satisfaction. This bike served me well. I've been leading all 3 series on the bike leg.

Tips : Invest on a good tire. It is better than buying many many tubes.
this is our Team's achievement.
They offered 4 trophies and we won all of them.
I told everyone, if we can bring back all 4, this will be the golden era of UPNM endurance sports club.

4 from UPNM.
as I've said before, the game wouldn't be interesting without Ong's tough competition.
Aiman Champion Men Open
Amirul Champion Men Uni
Me Duathlete of The Year.
we just set a bloddy high benchmark for the juniors.

3 times podium finish and accumulated rewards.

this is really sweet
this will make me diabetic =p

I just wanna thank everybody who supported me along the way. especially those who never lose hope on me even though i was injured and running out of time to regain speed. I appreciate and can never thank u guys enough. Mr Tey, thanks for the super nice photographs. Snap Attack also, I'll buy those pictures when I get my pay, hope to get student price.=p

Mr Tey : "wei, don't forget to thank your parents when press interview u!"
Me : Yes......
Mr Tey : "no parents, u cannot buy 2xu and all your equipments!" jokingly scolded me.
Me : EXCUSE ME... I bought my race gears myself okay. not even a single bolt on my bike is sponsored by my parents. But still, I have to thank them for supporting me.

Jamie, Jasmine, Jaspreet, Michael, Ethan, Henry, Ahmad, ABANG ALANG(huruf besar sebab badan besar), and everyone who personally sms wished me luck for this game especially my classmates and batchmates, THANK YOU very much. I know I missed out a lot of people, just want u guys to know that I'm so thrilled right now and u guys are always in my heart.
My parents were there early morning till the end of the race. didn't really spend time with them coz I was busy with press interview and lots of sms-es coming in. I have really supportive parents. Obviously they will never understand this sport unless they really join, but they've done their part to support me=)

not forgetting superb organizers Melody, Adele and the gang. Small team but super efficient!
thank u to the sponsors Malakoff and Power Bar, and media as well =)
Press interview by BERNAMA and RTM

video of the interview.

it's time to bring it to the next level. my next race will be Powerman.
almost triple the distance of MUDS but not even half the distance of IRONMAN.
I have my aim for Powerman.

"KITCHEN" is a powerful word =p
now Athlete A111 get to rest a little. I'll take a break and come back stronger.
now that I've won the game, I still don't get my KFC SNACK PLATE!!!!


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