Sunday, September 25, 2011

That's About It.

Monday to Friday I will fulfil my duty as an obedient officer cadet attending morning parade before class. After class I'll be buried alive under piles of assignments to be submitted the next day. Friday evening UPNM want me to be a killer, fighter, assassin, so I learn TTS. Saturday they make us carry heavy logs, run, march, and all sorts of military training to equip us with military knowledge. Sunday I'm a civilian.

yea today is Sunday.
I'm alone at Dewan Bestari downloading some PDF files on my Final Year Project. My sabot design is meant to assist the penetrating rod so that the penetration can be tremendously increased, and improve the aerodynamics. Basically I'm designing something harmful, to kill. Looking at different perspective, I'm designing something to ensure safety of my country. went to see Prof Ghani, he told me my project is too hard for a degree student. whatever it is, just do it. a year later, we'll see if my sabot can be successfully launched from 90mm gun barrel of armoured vehicle.

those who answered my questions correctly were given Power Bar Bottles and Towels.
the winners answered my questions perfectly, proven that they paid attention to me when i was presenting. good experience for me. next week will be Kannan's presentation, I'll go and support him =)

she will bring back the trophy Women University Duathlete of the Year. the chances is high.
she fell off her bike and suffered from injury for many months, came back highly spirited and been getting support from team mates.

I had 10 hours sleep, now I'm feeling a little fresher. though not fully recovered from mental pain and muscles soreness, I need to continue with my assignments and projects. Presentation on my project need to be submitted next week. Cadets are supermans, we work till drop dead.

hidup susah tak pe, janji tak susahkan family. hujung bulan, ATM kasi duit raya. tiap2 bulan kami beraya =p nak jadi cadet, kena la work like hell, kena hell, go to hell.

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