Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bad Post Race Condition

as an athlete, always listen to your body. as for my case, before race starts I already know how my body would perform. I'll listen to my body the night before race, if i could sleep well, then race day will be disastrous. My performance will be outstanding if my heart punch my chest hard and I feel the adrenaline rush throughout the day.

conducted a talk on Race Preparation. pic courtesy Aiman Halim.
presentation slides here

tell u what happened last night.
my body felt warm, and my heart wasn't pounding hard all the time. went to bed around 11pm. 2am i woke up and realized I was cycling on my bed at super high cadence, legs were spinning so fast in the air and my bed was shaking like crazy! I had a nightmare. my room mates probably think I was doing some warming up. dozed off again, woke up at 6am, I was calm. bad news.
actually, I was worried of the Melaka riders would attack on the bike. they've the speed of National riders and been participating in lots of bike races.

Ong was damn strong on the bike, I held back my speed and let him do the pacing. we had 4 of my team mates in the peloton chasing after Kicap who was riding at above 40km/h. at the roundabout I looked back and saw the Melaka riders were super far behind, so they're not a threat to me. Ong almost went for another round on the bike, I told him to go straight to transition instead of letting him to go the wrong way. I believe in fair play, we are rivals in races, but sportsman spirit always come first.

we were attacking each other for the final 400m.
in sports, u did your best and I gave my all, the best man win. he was ahead of me by 2 steps.
overall position no 3. Ong was untouchable. At one point, I was hoping that all my knowledge on endurance racing could be put aside during the race. while my heart beating fast and muscles going all out, my brain extracted my endurance racing painful experience telling me to hold back. Only if i was naive and innocent, I could have done a lot better.

end of the race, Amirul questioned me why didn't I attack on the bike.
because I think too much and eat too much. most of my team mates did well though, I'm really happy for them =) I could have done better. a lot of people asked me why? what's wrong? what the hell? are u in bad form? different people interpret the race result differently.

Family will say :
"u did your best, u deserve a good rest. don't worry too much"
family always never fail to give moral support.

My UPNM Squad will say :
"what the hell? u shouldn't have lost to a civilian! your military training is not enough!"
because in war, there's only win or lose. there's no runner up.

Team Mates will say :
"hey u normally do well in trainings, are u alright?"
"we are always with u, we'll do our best for the next game!"

Juniors will say :
"Sir, u did great! that guy beat u because he doped. u are my idol, u should be the champion, u are always a champion!"
Never trust your juniors, they're all lying bastards. by all mean they will please u and do what it takes to survive. I was a junior and for sure I know not all of them are honest.

as an athlete, people are concern about performance. I would be really grateful to have somebody to talk to. I wanna talk to a friend, not team mates, and most important not your UPNM Squad. I just wanna talk. since no body have time to talk to me, I have decided to walk to academic block and start blogging. despite not knowing those anonymous readers and followers of my blog, but at least I know somebody will listen to my stories. my average daily blog hit is about 150, so there must be at least one human being on earth read this post.

Ultraman and Ironman.

Ahmad (right end) will graduate soon. left 3 of us.

Skyscrapper (cover) by Megan Nicole and Boyce Avenue.

thanks readers =) hope my leg will recover faster, I need to run. injury kills my mood. the worst part is, I don't even know how and why i got it.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations nevertheless. You stood up. You didn't fell and crumble. That's the Chan Jun Shen I know. :)

Chan Jun Shen said...

thanks for the encouragement Kak=) I just recovered from injury, gotta work harder for the next 2 series=)