Friday, May 11, 2012

Pre Race Thoughts

Tomorrow the MUDS Duathlon will start. Just like the previous years, I'll  walk in as the race favourite to put up a great show for the anxious spectators. Standing at the starting line as a 2 times champion puts me under pressure and vulnerable to attacks especially on the bike. I bet many will try to dethrone me this year =p To win MUDS is tough, to defend it multiplies the effort needed. This inter university game which started from a 200 participants event grew bigger and bigger over the years. The competition, has leaped to a new level where no champion can have an easy victory.

I've promised to contribute more to the community for my final semester as a student, this period of time is more of giving than taking whatever I can from this sport. I conducted talks and small clinics to educate the newbies, giving them some basic knowledge about this demanding sports. Last weekend, I donated blood. I was very well aware about the impact to my performance. However, someone might urgently need my blood and my tiny act might saves lives. I've really put aside that eagerness to just focus on winning a game.

If I win again this year, it is a bonus to me, the best farewell MUDS ever! =)  Good luck guys, hope to see u tmrw =)

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