Monday, September 26, 2011

Real Bad Day

morning run was soothing, weather was cool and windy. it was perfect to do my recovery run. both hamstring feeling a little stiff after the duathlon. been asking myself what am i born for? long distance or short sprints? i can take pain of racing long hours, but I just hate to breath hard while sprinting.
whatever it is, this year might be the last year I race as a student. Next year I'll graduate and need to focus on my career. Currently I'm very into sabot manufacturing process, and brainy military engineers invented such lethal weapon really impressed me. however, weapons are meant to kill.

engineers are creators, and also destroyers.

so I took a short evening nap after class, I'm free for today. lecturers are busy with accreditation and interviews. washed my uniform and socks. before my evening training, I better rest my body. I was day dreaming, lying on my bed reflecting what happened last Saturday.

Then my phone rang....
Eddy called me to inform that I'm selected for the Board of Engineers' interview.
I hate it when people disturb my sleep, especially nap after lunch.
straightaway i shouted "Fu*k!!!" then the line was cut off. then he called again, and again. i told him i'm not going. the next call, Amirul was on the line. Amirul is an obedient cadet, a good son and is a good example to follow. Me, too rebellious. He is my team mate, so I listen to him.

went to my locker and grabbed another set of uniform. my goodness! my pants was so tight and I had to fasten my belt one inch shorter, can u imagine! I've grown big, horizontally =p I ironed my uniform in 10mins time, put on all ranks and accessories, then sprinted all the way to Block Bestari under the RAIN! what the hell. why my name is selected?

I was worried, because the interview will severely affect our uni's accreditation, and sure my lecturers will kill me if i couldn't answer. 30 mins before i went in, I know nothing about Board of engineers malaysia BEM, and IEM. I gotta answer those Outcome based education, program outcome and bla bla bla... I was cursing and swearing why the hell they picked up my name! Eddy's name was right below me and his pointer is way better than mine, why me? I was angry and upset, why am I so unlucky.

so I did this mind mapping. I drew lots of cartoons to help me remember.
I went in with confidence, with all the cutie cartoons in my head, and answered all the questions SMOOTHLY. don't play play.
one interesting question they asked me.
" don't u think it is not appropriate to do your engineering degree and at the same time do your military training"
deep in my heart i wanted to tell him "cadets are superman, we need no rest"
I answered " Sir, no doubt it is hard to undergo military training and study at the same time, but I still think it is possible. That's the reason why the selection of UPNM cadets is always very strict. They expect us to have good time management."
that guy was stunned, couldn't say a word =p

I answered lots of questions. Basically to back up my own faculty.

In the evening, Naim crashed his bike. he got a deep and wide cut above his lips, was sent to hospital. cycling is a dangerous sport.

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