Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Final year project

putting on extra stripes doesn't make any difference to me.
everything is possible in the military including a double parade in a gloomy Monday morning.
6.45am at the parade square ready for Commandant's parade, all rank holders ready for the ceremony. 9.15am we marched all the way from RMC's Parade Square to Dataran Wawasan which is about 1km apart. Both parades, many juniors fainted, some vomited. How could the juniors be so bloddy unfit, not enough ragging i suppose. Now we see the need of a little injection of pain to make them tougher. However, putting on new rank doesn't mean I will change my character, I will remain as who I am and the most important thing is leadership by example.

to the juniors, hammerlight will remain as my favorite. so stay away from trouble.

we went buffet during the weekend with grandma and grandaunt. right after dinner, grandaunt surprised me with an offer to get me a new lap top. I really need a new lap top for my final year project, I will have to run many engineering simulations to complete my project. this is really the best time to get a new lap top. I'm extremely happy to get this very perfect gift =) before I left the car, she gave me a hug and told me to study hard. I'm a stubborn person and I choose to listen to very few people in my life. Right now, I'm gonna take grandaunt's message very seriously. having a new machine to assist me, I have no reason not to do well. this lap top is super fast, hope I can keep up with it =p

this week, I'm officially a student of Aeronautical Engineering. that means I entitle for allowance of RM1500 per month as an aircraft engineer after graduate! everything seems to fit me well, on track and smooth sailing for this new semester. I feel so grateful to be blessed with so man good things recently. Thank God, really.
my room
6 of us. 3 Navy cadets, 3 Air Force.
all were wearing shorts and shirtless cleaning up our room last night getting ourselves ready for room inspection.

my study desk. half of my book rack filled with my supplements. As I've always said, I'm a full time athlete, part time student cadet. Last week had a long chat with aunt on the phone, she told me "u can't earn money by riding a racing bike!" haha.
I know my priorities in life, studies always come first. I know my goals, I'm very clear with what I'm doing.

Company picture which has got no me. I went cycling when they took this picture.
this week I'm occupied with many programs, including talk on Race Preparation before MUDS 2011. I haven't even rehearse my presentation. It wouldn't be hard though, I'll talk based on my racing experience since form 4, make it casual and spontaneous.

we will conduct a mortar firing session in October. all this firing practice and simulations will be my toy for the whole semester.
Brig Gen Prof Madya Dr Shohaimi is my supervisor.
it is an honor to have him supervising me. He has the experience, authority and knowledge. by the way, his son is my batch in RMC.

my final year project sounds like this :
Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized discarding sabot rounds during gun tube launch.
it sounds so complicated and confusing. Firstly, I've never seen firing practice of Long Rod Penetrator, and the worst part is I've never heard of it. After his detail explanation, I have a clearer view of my project.

90mm penetrator has got low penetration force, so we need to reduce the area to achieve grater penetration. But for us to maintain gun barrel 90mm, we need some sort of adapter which is the sabot. from the picture u see the long rod penetrator made of tungsten which will strike armored vehicle and make deep penetration. the two pieces separated from it is the sabot. so I'm gonna design and fabricate the sabot first, then the whole APFSDS.

sounds more ganas when people ask me about my final year project, I'll be so proud to tell them. haha.

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