Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 53 & 54 : Superb Saturday & Fruitful Sunday

no body understand how it feels like to put on the camo suit for hours.
Crime awareness day at Bagan Ajam R&R
Saturday's dinner
Sushi King lonely man's dinner with Michael
it was extremely expensive but very niceBad day
tire punctured at the highway. sharp object penetrated my rear tire Continental 4000s.
i was riding at 57km/h on flat, suddenly feel the back wheel a little wobbling.
i'm gonna buy patch kit to patch my tire. i can't afford to change tube every time i puncture. out of 10 rides on this route, i got 3 punctures. Argh!

no tubes no ride. so i went fishing.
first catch Ikan Duri
bought 3 ringgit prawn from Chai Leng park.
Belangkas mating
walked along the river and found 2 pairs of belangkas mating. so i separated the 2 couples having sex and brought back 2 females. the smaller and riding on the back is the male one. what u gotta do is just hold the tail and separate them, release the male back.

Jamie told me the cake mama bought from China taste so good and want me to try.
Cooked one and ate it with Jamie, another one with Jasmine and Michael.

Need to get myself bicycle tube. waste my money. sigh.

Bad Day by Daniel Powter

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