Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 55 : Saving what is left

hopeless useless meaningless avatar.
for the 3rd day i log in to my Friendster account hoping to see my messages in my account. I even sent personal message to the admin to ask what is happening. I regretted for not saving those messages 2 weeks back.

was at Koperasi Tentera to withdraw money.
i was wearing brown polo colar shirt while the others wearing service uniform and celoreng.
then the clerk called "Tuan Chan Jun Shen"
when i stood up, she looked at me one kind...
do i not look like a military man? or too young to be called Tuan?
whatever it is, i'm now a civilian. Civilized.

there is no free lunch in this world. keep up with the training, take the pain and obey orders, end of the month getting paid. the cycle will go on and on. i might not have freedom, like a bird trapped in a cold steel cage. but now that i'm out of the cage, i must make good use of my financial freedom.

18 days left in Penang

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