Thursday, November 10, 2011

Powerman mini brick

for years trying to discipline myself at home since the day joining military, but I've never succeeded. enjoying good nutritious meal and healthy home made recovery drink is all I ever wanted. Somehow, when I'm home, it never happened. I made my own recovery drink only once, it tasted awful. So I have an excuse to not make it again=p No roll call at home, I sleep late instead of maximizing my rest hours. Having all the time in the world is no good for me, I'm more productive during regimental routine. I can do my training and complete all my assignments in UPNM, but not at home. I feel like I have 28 hours in UPNM, but only 20 hours at home. 

after days of forgiving myself for not training, finally my guilty feelings woke me up this morning.
 I was self talking before getting ready for mini brick. I had both devil and angel in my inner voice.

"U are the University Duathlete of The Year, don't do nonsense in Powerman"
"get up and start running! u are lack of mileage!"

"Don't overtrained yourself. Sleep more and enjoy yr holiday..."
"who cares about Powerman? U don't have motivation anymore..."
I'm inspired by Kilian, that's why I'm wearing a trail running shoes. at the age of 24, he won the Skyrunner world champion for 3 times. Imagine when he reaches his peak performance, he will definitely racing comfortably without tough fight. Back to my story, I did a 3km run followed by 3km cycling then 1km run. Honestly, this lazy pig isn't in the mood to train. 

my MTB left untouched at the balcony for months, I don't even remember when was the last time I touched my bike. I rode with slightly deflated tire, coz I don't have a pump at home and no money to buy. I've overspent this month, now extremely broke. with 2 digits left in my wallet, I will have to be a big fan of Mess Cadet's free food when holiday ends. Deflated tire, good for my training as I gotta pedal harder.
Ran up to the hill, very slow pace. I just wanna refresh my muscles memory and remind them how it is like running uphill and feel the soreness. =p 
Spectacular view, the best thing to reward yourself after climbing hills.

I did my cooling down at Grandma's herbal garden.
Aloe Vera
Sabah Snake Grass

After training, both mum and I went for Thai massage. She promised to treat me with massage for winning the University Duathlete of The Year. Now is the perfect time to massage as Powerman is just around the corner, i really need some good massage to improve my blood circulation. No more fried food, cold drinks and all that enters my stomach should be healthy "fast food!". Done with mini brick of the day, I don't feel guilty any more. =p

Lack of mileage, not in the mode to compete, lazy. Lets see what happen on Sunday's Powerman. 


K3vski said...

Don't worry Chan. You always tend to spring up some surprises. Just enjot the race and results will take care of themselves. All the best!

Chan Jun Shen said...

I'll be using new bike set up which I tried for less than 20km. theoretically should be faster. I sacrificed comfort for speed, tilted up the aero bar to get the "praying mantis" aero position.=p thanks for the good luck wish anyway=) my training program has gone haywire, I really admire u. U are working but yr time is well managed, sports and girlfriend both get equal attention=) u are really all rounded. by the way, a friend of mine likes yr blog very much and has been stalking u...