Saturday, August 7, 2010

MUDS UPM final leg 2010

a night before UPM MUDS, i had a night mare... i managed to pull a huge gap between me and the chase pack, but i didn't run for the final run and let other racers to overtake me, 3am in the morning. Fuh! when i look at the clock, luckily the race has yet to start. i was really under pressure, being the race leader of my team, i need to work hard to gain points for my club. Top university and Best university already in hand, left Power Bar Duathlete of the Year. Ong Wei Xiang my closest contender is now sharing the same points as me, the final leg will determine who will grab the trophy. we have been competing with each other for 3 years, ups and downs of myself and Ong, we know each other's strong points. i respect him as an athlete when i race, after race, we're close friends=)

in UM, i would say i wasn't in good form. i just don't have the extra push. the night before UM i was very calm, which indicates something bad will happen. every night before the race i participate, if i feel the heart is "beating" me, then the race will turn out to be a great race. UM i lost to Ong by few hundred meters. he was so strong! days before UPM, feeling the adrenaline rush and my legs feeling warm and ready to blast. good sign. but i dare not guarantee. in all races, anything can happen. i treat all the competitors with respect and i never underestimate them. since i was lack of "boost" in UM, i decided to take Power Gel 2X caffeine. Caffeine will bring my heart rate up, and gels are easy to digest. had a Performance Bar as my breakfast, and another few bites before race starts. whole month of training, i did what i could do, especially to switch my rhythm from Iron distance to sprint distance. but i'm still very nervous, waiting for the air horn to start the race.
came in from the 1st run together with Ong Wei Xiang my closest contender. gotta work harder! he is a bette runner than me, and i got minor injury on my ankle forcing me to reduce running. he also did his Industrial Training at Genting Highlands which is extermely advantage to him, altitude training! advantage is on his side. my only emergency rescue is on the bike.
we worked very hard on the bike, 4 of us. Mek, Kicap, Amirul and I. the final 2km, our horses already exhausted, myself and amirul blast all the way to pull the gap. Our 2 horses did a great job by keeping the speed high. when they're about to drop, i told them "we have been aiming this for 2 years!", immediately we increase the speed. the chase pack consist of 10 riders, yet couldn't come close to 4 of us. i'm feeling good and safe. Fuh! but i still be very alert of our lead.
this is the stupidest thing that ever happened in MUDS throughout the 3 legs. this ass stood in front and grab my handle bar. my carbon Zipp 404 bang his private part. i was doing FLY DISMOUNT and i'm no first timer. He was the first timer marshall. i know the line and i will get off my bike before the line. he grasped my handle bar, then i thought it's like Ironman where the marshals will handle your bike. my goodness, he let go my bike when i was about to run! same thing happen to amirul and he shouted at the other marshall. anything happen to my bike, i dare not imagine what will happen. as u can see, i was already off from my bike and cruising at around 12km/h. i was at the front pack and i'm not gonna bang anybody. every year MUDS will be ruined by few first timer marshall. sigh... i have no complain at all through out the 3 legs except for this incident and the guy with fixed gear in UM. other than that, everything was superb=D thumbs up.
in 2008 Ong Wei Xiang and 5 of my team mates were guided to the wrong way shown by the marshall, ended up we got 5 minutes penalty.
Melody and the gang did a great job in orgainizing this race, Powered by Malakoff, fueled by Power Bar. this year everything went smooth, and i admire how her small team can cope with all the problems when organizing a race. the final run i pushed myself to the limit and came in first. i was one of those who have to wear timing chip=) feel honoured to be those "kanak-kanak terpilih".
Top University and Best university in hand..
winners for the Men's University
interview by Shabery, i thank my 65 team mates and UPNM for the strong support. one for all and all for one. without my team, i will not make it to the podium.
again, 4 of us. Aiman, Aku, Ahmad and Amirul. aiman got 6th placing for all the 3 legs. that's harder than getting no 1 for all the 3 legs. how can he aim for 6th? tak mau 5th ker? thanks to Abang Alang for his strong support despite he wasn't feeling well.. thanks to Asher too for having confidence that i will win=)
family support. without fail my parents attended all the 3 legs.
my goodies, trophy and hamper. what a wonderful day... reap what i sow. hard work paid off. hours on trainer middle of the night, and officer came in told us to sleep. uncountable hours of time trial on the road. pushing hard on hills to train high power out put. numerous bike fit for the team so that they can ride better faster and smoother. smart nutrition planned by me and Rahman. strong support from ALK and Lt Col Ananthan. Last but not least, my two "kuda ku lari gagah berani", TQ very much, we did great on the bike aren't we? haha=)
men behind the race. they organized everything so that all the 65 of us can race without worries...

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Congrats OP Chan.

I didn't realise your family so patriotic with many OPs. Your parents have done very well.