Friday, August 20, 2010

Power Bar Update for Mei till August 2010

Mei 2010

UPNM Multisport Team participated in Ekiden Relay Run and came in 2nd for the higher Learning category. the run was held in Putrajaya, numerous UPNM Team made it to the podium including the fastest UPNM Team manned by 5 fastest runners of UPNM.

June and July i was totally focus on Navy training in Kolej Diraja Sultan Idris 1 in Lumut. so i was there for 4 weeks to enhance my knowledge about the Royal Malaysian Navy and been exposed to all sorts of navy's assets.
One of the training we did was the Damage Control and Fire Fighting at TANGKAS, the Navy's simulator.

for almost one month i didn't participate in any races, but i do keep on training as preparation for Malakoff University Duathlon Series 2010.
weeks before MUDS 2010, we invited Rahman also from Power Bar Team Excel to consult us on training schedule and improve our strength to ensure better performance during MUDS.
the very first leg was held in UPNM, i successfully made it to the podium and got Champion. racing in my home ground is never easy, i have to do well to make my university proud.
completed in 56minutes 41 secs.
after the win in UPNM, we convinced the senior management that we have the potential to do well in multisports. In return, we're sponsored by UPNM with ample supply of Power Bar products for the next 2 series.

UM's infamous Bukit Cinta was no doubt the most challenging bike course among the 3 series.

Fighting hard to win the Power Bar University Men Duathlete of the Year.

completed in 51minutes 55 secs

MUDS - Powered by Malakoff fueled by Power Bar.

Ong Wei Xiang beat me on the 2nd leg of MUDS. making the race more and more interesting as we're fighting neck to neck, sharing the same points.

the Final leg in UPM will determine whether Ong or me will be the Duathlete of the Year. the fight between two Power Bar Team Excel members was tough.

with the Total time of 41minutes 45 secs, i was awarded the champion.

by winning the final leg, i won the Power Bar Men University Duathlete of the Year. for this year, UPNM brought back 3 out of 4 trophies. Power Bar Men University Duathlete of the Year, Top University and Best University.

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Well done and congrats Chan. Very speedy. I like your newspaper article Keep it up.