Saturday, July 31, 2010

UM malakoff university duathlon series 2010

Race Result, runner up for this series in UM.

I'm extremely tired, but i feel the urge to write this post as remembrance.
run-bike-run as usual. every university involve in MUDS 2010 really has their own unique race route. UPNM can be considered as flat with few hills, UM's well known Bukit Cinta, what about UPM? we'll see next week.

for fast flat course rider and moderate climbing ability, UPNM will be your favorite. 3 loops of flat run all the way.

great climbers who love hills very much will surely love UM. i love the running route of UM, i hardly exposed to sunlight during the run, trees in the park covered the track, providing very nice scenery during the run. bike route was tough, 4 times climbing Bukit Cinta really push me to the limit.
a day before UM MUDS, UPNM sponsored us with ample Power Bar for the race.
Friends forever=)
my intake consist of Aiman, Ahmad, Amirul and Aku. haha.
i met Nadea when i was form 4 during explorasi at taman negara. later on when i joined UPNM, first day registration Ahmad said to me "Nadea kirim salam". i was like "oh, okay=)" Kelab Sukan Lasak UPNM gathered the 4 of us become part of the team, and from there we got closer than ever. One fine day when 4 of us were chatting, then only i know the 3 of them already know Nadea. the link how we're connected is very complicated. ask Amirul, he knows better. another thing is, single athletes race better. top 3 on the Podium, Ong myself and Amirul, we're all single. haha. we stay on track and focus on races rather than flirting.
those days when i started multisport i once bought one bar for a race. the very first Power Gel i bought was Tropical flavour. i kept it for 3 months because i can't afford to eat it just for training purposes. yea, i bought only ONE because it costs me rm5.50. last time performance bar was RM7 if i'm not mistaken, so i bought the cheaper one, Power Gel. today, when i look at my bars and Gels, i will remember my sweet old days when i can hardly afford any Power Bar products. i have been a loyal consumer for Power Bar for years, now fueled and sponsored by Power Bar.
Ong Wei Xiang did a great race today leaving me few hundred meters behind. myself and Ong has been competing in MUDS for 3 years and we always challenge each other. he was awarded the Duathlete of the Year 2 years back, and his run is super fast cadence. better watch out, or else you will just watch his steps and slowly he will disappear. haha. i race Iron distance, and this is a sprint race, i tried to forget about IM and try to change rhythm for sprinting, and it took me a lot of time and effort to do so. wish i could be like Andy Potts, man of all distance=)

this year UPNM's team is getting bigger and stronger. i see relay teams going up to the podium and we won so many medals which really impress me. seeing our girls got up to the podium inspired me to "invest" on them, because very few girls involve in this sport, and our girls are really talented. so far for university category, we will always see Juliana Ali. haha thatz my Kak Julie. Kak Julie initiated to form 2 lines, and then all the University participants will shake hands and make new friends=) great idea=) so far the 2 biggest team is from UPNM and IIUM=) of course when form 2 lines, UPNM's line is longer=p haha! hope to see more universities for the upcoming event.
from left, Ahmad, Aiman, Mama, myself, Amirul and Kak Julie.
my parents came for 2 series to support me. supportive parents make athletes perform better.
all the 3 of us are Old Puteras. from left OP Chan Junior, OP AJ, and OP Chan Senior. means we graduated from Royal Military College. every time after race, i will surely tell OP AJ what happened, and how i feel, any injuries, share experience and bla bla.. he will listen attentively. then he will give his point of view. i love talking to him. he is triple my age, yet still actively racing and is a multiple IM finisher. he shows good example to the younger generation, and we younger generation must not disappoint him=) thatz why Malakoff sponsored MUDS, to encourage youth to involve in sports. i'm now 21, still long way to go... still young and energetic.
here is my CSK, upgraded few times using my hard earned pay. every night before race i'll talk to my bike, telling him to race fast tomorrow. this colourful bike made my life colourful, has been with me for the past 3 years. and completed 4 Ironmans. one by captain Lidum, the other 3 by me. so far the best record is Ironman Langkawi 12 hours 6 minutes. looking forward to break my personal best.

end of this post. so now i can rest and have a nice recovery...=)


Stupe said...

well said. Now that you are sponsored by PowerBar, it is good to remember those days when these were considered as luxury item. It is still for me. I never purchase any powerbar products...but most were obtained during races...i keep and use for the whole year!

Anonymous said...

wow. thats a quick update. very well written. tq for sharing your thoughts and experience. congrats to you Chan and the rest of Kelab Sukan Lasak UPNM ! :) IIU X TEAM catching up. will take time i believe :) im tired too, so, rest dulu. see if tonight akak rajin blog tak..PD report pon tak buat lg.

it was an instant idea pasal dat line..coz i see one side u guys with ur uniformed jacket, and to the other side, the ever red IIU X TEAM.. so we should mix up a little. datz the whole point of this kinda sports (multisports) . race and and get to know more friends. its always fun.

Ookie, till then. i dont want to start blogging on ur comment page !
-kak Julie-

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

Sir, it took me years of achievement to be sponsored. i still remember when i didn't have a bottle cage, then taped my bottle to the seat tube of my old steel bike. and u said "DIY".. hahaha

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

kak, my team and i will wait for your post=) this evening we have postmortem. wonder when can i sleep.

Sifu89 said...

Chan, I like yr statement...Talk to bike before race.. My bike is male or female???..should i call Honey/Dude tomorrow race Fast-fast among all the bike...Bring me safety to the end of race...Haha...