Thursday, January 28, 2010

UPNM Ironman swim training

This 2 days i've been ordering power bar beverages for the club members without earning a single cent! yesterday the box delivered by abang khamal, then today sent by abang Jasrhul. Jasrhul was suprised that i sold to the club members without making profit. doing business is good, but helping others is better. i encourage the club members to consume power bar because itz really good to have endurance drink during the training and recovery drink after training to rebuild the body. of course there're so many brands in the market, but making the right choice will definitely make u improve faster.

our early morning swimming. suddenly Colonel Ananthan came to check whether if we swim or we sleep. haha! he bought nasi lemak for all the 6 of us.

here is my cubicle, i'll change to my uniform once i finish my swim, then have breakfast

Farhan and Haziq..

swimming in the ice cold water..


apik said...

amad xjoin yek..

ahmadshaiful@musangbijak said...
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ahmadshaiful@musangbijak said...

bro, berape harga utk 2 power bar drink tu ek?