Wednesday, February 4, 2009

what the hell is this?

why this week i have conflict with people for few times huh? today with another fat ass from HEPA. sigh.. long story to tell, just make it short. one gel missing, and i messaged the supplier. when i found out, some one ate it. i trusted the supplier very much, so i have no doubt when he sent the stock, was kinda sad when 1 gel lost. not because of the gel, but it is OUR supplement, it is OURS! why someone ate it? and complaining about the taste of power gel. that dumb girl must read la what is written on the pack.. it is POWER GEL, not SEDAP GEL. sigh.. was at the verge of quarreling with those incompetent staff, but i chose to keep mum.
anyway, today i have a good news to share with u guys..
Chief Instructor himself will become our team leader! it is really a big present for me and the team. i'm sure it'll definitely smoother than before=) may this change be a positive change for all of us=)
i bought a set of new tire, cost me 200 ringgit.. and 5 tubes. UPNM under construction, lots of tiny stones.. tire will puncture easily.

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