Wednesday, February 4, 2009


31st Jan- Farhan fell, Stuart fell, Tuan Azhar fell
1st of Feb- Suria fell

heavy downpour day after day, the road was wet and slippery, but our spirit to train will never fade. most corners at our training track is a 90 degree corner, this kinda corner not only kill the speed, but also challenge the rider's cornering skills, and also test the grip of one's tire.

but for this week, the corners have chosen their victim. the University's compound is under construction, so those sand and stones, nails and nuts are unavoidable. making us feel like riding in an obstacle course. this week's first victim was Yellow Fondriest, 2nd victim was Scott, then the 3rd was Trek and followed by BMC.
is the rider or the bike's mistake?
yellow fondriest fell at the corner, the Trek tried to avoid but ended up kissing the ground, luckily scott is alert and quick enough to pull himself out. Luckily CSK who was drafting this Scott didn't fell=p

this unlucky Trek ended up in the Hospital, had 5 stitches on his chin, but his smile has proven that this is no big deal and is part and parcel of life of a triathlete. Scott and Fondriest had scratches and patches on their body. Anyway, no serious injury...
hmm in accident, no one will purposely fell for nothing. so one one should be blamed.
Better Luck next time=)

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