Thursday, February 12, 2009


Le Tour De Langkawi..
whole team participated in cyclefest putrajaya.
the kasta of bike is so obvious. some using expensive bike n nice jersey, while some using heavy steel bike with old jersey. the leg is more important anyway. the junior Kedah team using steel bike, exactly same like my old one. Selangor painted their bike red and yellow, one rider with his high profile Dura Ace covered the word Dura Ace with Selangor sticker. 30km slow cycling followed by another 20km light training. 25of us went there for fun ride. Haziq managed to organize this at the very last minute. Despite some technical problem with the Student Affair Department, we finally got support from the military side. one truck fit all=p kinda pack, but we don't mind as long as we can go.
next day 80km night race. that was my first road race. the first corner, more than 10 cyclist fell including Mariana. she yelled "Fu*k" when she fell=p hahaha.. funny.. i was in the 2nd peloton together with few senior cyclist and Kimberly Yap=) what i can say about road racing is, super fast n furious n full of tactical. i lead the group for the 1st loop, and Tuan Ikhsan told me to save my energy. hehehe saja je nk test energy patch. i wasn't tired through out the race, coz my group's rider are quite fast. average speed of 40 plus. few loops later Tuan Faezi fell out of the 2nd peloton. the other team members i don't know where they've gone missing. Haziq in the first peloton, too far for me to catch him. Amirul's tire punctured, so the only choice was to quit the race.
hours before the race, haziq's father saw a string of wire penetrate into my NEW Huitchinson tire which cost me 200 per pair! what the hell! the tire is new! i quickly change new tube although it was still firm. i'm afraid it'll flat during the race. 3 gels was more than enough, but 2 bottles was too little. i brought one endurance and one plain water.
nice race anyway=) proud of the juniors for their capability to organize this race for the team=) thumbs up for them=)

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