Friday, January 30, 2009

military week...

this morning after the physical training we straight went for marching. but i manage to catch up my nap for 10 minutes. during the marching, few hundred meters from behind the guard room, an officer riding TZM bike stopped by the road side and approached 2 cadets. one wearing Loreng, the other one is a navy cadet. within seconds he slapped one of them, then hit their stomach with his helmet for few times. most Lekir battalion watched the incident. yesterday same thing happened, according to some of the cadets, he was a Signal Officer. yesterday he slapped one senior for not giving him appropriate acknowledgement. when someone wanna pick up the cadets, he'll find 1001 ways to punish us. what to do right? we're in the military. i wonder if this is right.. the dark side of military is part n parcel of my life since form 2 i joined RMC. but if we look at it from positive angle, we learned something although through the harsh way. if we were to complain everything, there will be no end. better focus on our own business, there're too many things suppose to be done. to me, i would prefer to "invest" on activities which will bring me lots of output than i start up the fire for nothing. what for? the world is laden with problems, our job is just to reduce it, it'll never disappear! every organization must have problem, surely will! but the one with less problem, is the best of all.

nowadays the sky keep pouring, i'm really desperate to train for IM. at least taper everyday... hmm must find ways to reduce my problem=p

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