Sunday, January 25, 2015

FTKLAA Sport Toto 10km Race Report

I was in the viscinity of Pulau Mabul when I signed up for this race, there’re not many distance option for me to pick in this small scale race organized by FTKLAA and Sports Toto. As usual, checked with my 2ndskin team mates, initially I really thought I have to forgo my favourite Skechers GoSpeed 2 because I thought it’s gonna be a dirty CROSS COUNTRY.  Since Roy told me it’ll be mostly on road, I remained GoSpeed2 as my weapon of choice! It has been two months since I left Lumut for operations, I was floating here and there all over Borneo patrolling islands and shoals that most people wouldn’t know its existence in Malaysia. On completion of washing my ship on Friday, I rushed back to KL to meet my family and get myself ready for this race. My mum helped me to collect my race kit when I was still in Beting Patinggi Ali, it has a dry fit tee in the bag with all the race details.  

10km was never my distance, I seldom incorporate speedwork due to my fear for getting injuries. When I come back from sea after more than a fortnight’s sailing, I can’t be pushing the pace too hard but I still can do some LSD to be on the safer side. Ultimately, the main reason I love long distance running is because I’m a day dreamer, an excellent one. My mind can turn into sleep mode within seconds. I rather run slowly while enjoying the scenery than doing lung bursting speed work. 10km pulls me out of my comfort zone, make me run beyond my economical speed, I don't like it. If you see a fighter jets burning her after burner for speed, she trades off efficiency for speed. This is a similar situation with a 10km run. 10km has no room for mistake, too short for dreaming, it’s all about pushing HARD all the way.

When I arrived at the race site, the FTKLAA technical officials were having briefing for this morning’s race. I paid 30 cents to enter the DBKL public toilet to settle my pee poo business, queued for quite some time. It was my turn after a RELA staff came out, “submarines” floating in the toilet bowl. Early morning get bad luck =p I walked out of the toilet, get myself back to the racing atmosphere. The sound system was good around the tents area, we did some aerobic exercise to pump up our heart rate. However, as we proceed towards the starting line for briefing, I only saw the Race Official’s mouth moving and his super slow voice came from a speaker few hundred meters away. Once the gun goes off, I tried to place myself comfortably in the front pack. Within 2-3km, there’s a clear gap between the front pack, me and the chase pack. My Garmin Forerunner 620 kept beeping, so I took a quick glance, 3.20mins/km!!! I have a virtual partner in the watch, so I’m not running alone =)

Around 3rd kilometer I settled myself with 4.30mins/km pace. The track is amazing, kinda shady and slightly undulated here and there. The course is a little congested once the 6km runners were released, we also shared the course with the BAR Runners at the lake area so 3m course width is a little too narrow. I counted the front pack earlier, they’re 20 over super fast “Sport Toto Race Horse” galloping towards the finishing line, so it is unlikely that I stand a chance to go on podium. Collected ONE fluorescent ribbon, continued running. Then I came to the junction where I was supposed to turn left, I showed the marshal my ribbon, he asked me to keep right and continue to round the lake. I wasn’t sure so I just obeyed, then I came again with TWO ribbons in my hands and SHOWED him, he said keep right again. I obeyed again. Finally when I came with THREE ribbons, I slowed down and showed him all my ribbons, I asked him how many ribbons am I supposed to collect? He told me "ONE ribbon only, how am I suppose to know how you got THREE?". The ribbon, coincidentally same colour as my fluorescent 2ndskin team tee, perhaps he couldn't see it clearly. A little pissed at that time, but I forgive him since his spectacles so thick. Knowing that I’m certainly off the course, I did not stop running. This will be a very good weekend LSD for me! =) Not gonna podium anyway.

When my parents came with me this morning, I told them that if I don’t come back within 1 hour, there’s something wrong with me. Finally, I came to the finishing line marking total distance of 15.3km with the average pace of 4.58mins/km. I guess my parents knew that I went off course. My father was at the finishing arch taking my photo with his Blackberry.

Snapped by my father.
Catch up with Ong Wei Xiang my old time rival. Now he is too fast for me to catch already. =)
See the 3 ribbons in my hands and neck.

Deo handed me my long awaited Garmin Forerunner 920xt, I take it as my reward for running extra distance this morning. I know this course better now, my next race KL City Day Run will be at the same place, hopefully I can do better and run faster for my next race. =)

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