Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Night Vision

Ever since I shut down this blog for konon-nya temporary maintenance, I've received some private messages from readers and friends asking why did I block them. This blog's readership, has plunged down to ZERO =p haha. I really appreciate them for reading this blog.=) Alright, the truth is, I did not block anyone, I needed a reason to start writing again. I had the urge to pen down my memories in the Sydney International Fleet Review, but too many things to be written down with my two tiny little hands and I did not have enough time due to my very tight schedule. Later on the momentum dropped followed by the laziness that struck me, my wish to start writing had to be put on a rain check. 

Now that I'm serving the air wing, I feel that flying is some sort of a de-stress therapy. Yesterday I went Night Vision Goggle flying, something that I don't think Malaysian people know about. So last night it was exactly like what gamers see in their lap top, green and glaring white on the screen. Without the NVG goggle there's nothing I could see. Looking at the world from a whole new angle was amazing, I saw thousands of cars driving up and down the road heading to many different directions, developments that took place in Perak, places that cars will normally take 30 minutes to reach now only take 2 minutes with helicopter, the whole state looks like a maze when I viewed it from sky. The lights and fireworks of Christmas Celebrations made my flight a very wonderful one. 

After flying, the motivation to write suddenly came to me. It was so random. So I guess after a long period of "darkness", I've found my way back to writing. =)


abdooss said...

Welcome back!

(Wished I had one NVG for Xmas too! :) )

Alpha Tango Six Niner said...

Nice experience you have there, Keep on writing.
You're flying Fennec or Super lynx??


Chan Jun Shen said...

Thanks @HooGuan and @Abdooss =) appreciate that. I'm with Fennec =)