Monday, July 8, 2013

Port Dickson Triathlon Challenge Race Report

2 weeks after Langkawi Ironbound Challenge, I have yet to receive my cash prize, complaints about the organizer is still spreading over the net. I feel that I have physically recovered from the race, but my momentum to train has gone missing. I was tasked to organize Golf classes for my batch, presentations, and also exams. My super packed schedule didn't fade my confidence to race PD triathlon even a tiny bit. =p To be realistic, I have to be prepared to accept my worst ever unprepared triathlon. Friday morning, I grabbed whatever race gears that crossed my mind. No checklist needed =p

Both brothers came back from US and Russia, so I thought I will drop by KL and spend some quality time with my family. Dismantled my bike before putting it at the backseat of my MVYI, then only I thought of my running shoes =p I did not bring my running shoes, so am I gonna run barefooted? Gosh! So I called up Annie Yee, she wears the same size as me. She will be wearing Skechers GOrun2 for Seremban Half Marathon, so I guess I will borrow her Skechers GObionic ride for PD Tri. I reached PD at night, camped in the car. 4am in the morning, rushed back to KL again due to some urgent issues. Next day's evening I was back to PD again. I was not in racing mode already. Half of my holiday was spent driving here and there. Spent my night in a condo with Yip and 2 other guys.

Race start was a havoc as what I expected in a triathlon mass swim start. People kicked me and I kicked them back, got scratched and scratched them back, just like what karma is all about. hahaha=p My mind was not in the race, I just knew I can endure this triathlon without preparation. I just wanna finish it. Came out of the water, saw so many bikes at transition area! I will get to pick which peloton to draft later=p my swim time?don't care la =p

Steve Lumley was pulling a guy, same category with me. drafted him for few km, then I couldn't tahan. I was riding in a pack of 3, I really hoped another big peloton will come pick us up. at km10 only I was caught by Razani's peloton, it was a super huge one. I got dropped when they rode no less than 40km/h. Second train came with Yip inside the pack, he called me to join them. Drafted for a few km, got dropped again. Third pack came, same thing happened. 4th pack overtook me and I couldn't do anything. My mind was not in the race at all. The last 10km was only me and another young Singapore Ironman Jun Hao, he was bonked as well =p I kept pumping in Hammer Gel during the ride, before fly dismount from my bike, I chewed a Perpetuem Solid to maintain optimum energy level.

My run was satisfactory, managed to climb up the ranking a little. This year's PD triathlon running section is like XTerra, most of the running route was by the beach. Skechers GObionic ride is a minimalist shoes, extremely light with minimal cushion, super breathable, less energy loss when I land on the soft sand. Maintaining high cadence helped me a lot. I wasn't even panting when I finished the run. I could have finished at least 10 placing better IF I was better prepared. I am losing my strength in cycling road bike after my focus was diverted to Trail Running and Adventure racing. Anyway, I was happy catching up with friends and familiar faces in triathlon. I am happy with how the race was organized, they just get better every single year! =)

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