Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lately all my course mates have been thrown piles and piles of tasks and paperworks. The worst part of all, I'm in charge of ensuring everything to be accomplished in time. When come to "ensuring", first and foremost I need to understand human behavior. Human tend to resist changes, human gets angry when u pull them out of their comfort zone, they do whatever makes them feel complacent. 

So how am I gonna make them do tasks that they don't like?  I'm somehow born with the courage to brush people off when I have to. I really really don't like to make people unhappy, but the military environment doesn't permit  me to be too compassionate. My sensitivity has helped me a lot in doing my daily enforcing works, I observe people's behavior and then decide how to tackle them. 

I don't really bother if they have hard feelings with me when I have to empower them on completing tasks. Because when the time passes, they will realise that what I've done is for the benefit of my organization. As long as I'm clear with my morale bearing, there's no need to feel sorry. It takes huge courage to change people's mind. Honestly, I'm a little exhausted already. I'm a long distance runner, sure I can cope with this.  

They get tired for doing all the tasks, lack of sleep, we being the lowest of this "food chain" always take the blame, almost everyday listening to negative comments, some even broke up with their girlfriends, some just selfish idiot pretend to be good in front of officers. This is the perfect time to update your "human behavior database". As they get desperate, they show their true colours. 

I made a video for our firefighting training at TANGKAS. Happy watching =)

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