Monday, April 1, 2013

Lungs, Heart and The Leg

The day I started doing fartlek was 3 weeks back. I did 8 x 400m sprints with 100m rest in between.
I'll normally clock 1.24mins per loop and gradually get slower. 

After 2 weeks
I did another fartlek just now, same menu 8 x 400m sprints. 
My SLOWEST loop was 1.21mins, I'm extremely thrilled with the result! The day before I did CTS workout, nearly scored PB. Supposedly, CTS Max Power is the toughest workout of the CTS Series, and one will need a minimum of 48 hours to recover (for amateur). Fartlek PB after CTS? doesn't make any sense. I can improve so much in one month, obviously I wasn't pushing myself hard enough before this! =(

The bike servicing done by Kedai Basikal Manjung really smoothen my ride, feels like riding on a new bike! =) I was such a long distance slow pace lover that I never loved doing intervals. My left ankle is still recovering, I'll do fartlek once a week only. In between my non-running days will be CTS Max Power or 5km slow base run. Buying the bike trainer was one of my wisest investment on sports equipment. I get to ride on my bike no matter rain or shine, thunderstorm or even tornado. =p CTS workout really improves my VO2 Max, I breathe better when sprinting, not so easy to get tired too.

When u can't push the legs, train the lungs and the heart =)
 I'm coming back for MUDS, this race mean so much to me... I'll see my junior shine =)
Teh Yong Le just won the Penang Duathlon, another potential Women Duathlete of The Year! 
Guess my juniors aren't that bad afterall. 

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