Sunday, December 16, 2012

Royal Malaysian Navy Armada Bicycleton 2012

This is a bike race I never thought I'll be joining. One lucky day, I walked into the wardroom and my XO (executive officer) was discussing who should be sent to represent Jebat for this event. Since I left my bike in KL, I wanted to become the photographer for this event. However, I was not given a choice, I have to join this race because I'm an Ironman. My officer put my name in, so I'm sure they expect me to achieve something. After I packed my bike and brought it back from KL to Lumut, I never had time to train. I was obviously ill-prepared. Race morning, my valve broke when I tried inflate my tire using my hand pump. Without my Oakley, I borrowed Safety Goggles from Lt Hisham of KD LEKIU (also an Ironman from UPNM). Pedaling with running shoes, I knew my pedal stroke wouldn't be as smooth as wearing my Sidi shoes. My handpump was taped under my aerobar, my breakfasts was 3 packets of Kit Kat and 100plus. I couldn't find any energy bar in Lumut! Not only that, my meter wasn't working. I put away all the negative thoughts into the Davy Jones' locker and just put myself on the starting line. =p  
The blue shirt was compulsory for us to wear.
I broke-away from the peloton at kilometer 6, they didn't respond. Since no one was trailing me, I rode as hard as possible to build up a comfortable gap just in case I puncture and need to change tubes. The road condition was REALLY bad especially when at the final 5km. My hand pump dropped half way, I didn't bother to pick it up. =p Pre race night, I watched Paris Roubaix 2012, a race where Tom Boonen launched an early attack. Race day, I did the same thing =p May be the chase pack will hunt me down, but who cares? I just need to ride hard for 20km to reach the finishing line. With over 3 minutes gap, I finished comfortably as the champion. 
After receiving my hamper from Chief of Staff, I gave away my hamper to my friends on board KD HANG TUAH. Then I rode all the way back to Lumut Base, cleaned myself up and went on duty. 
It was hectic and exhausting! I'm satisfied with the result, at least I know I'm not that "unfit" after 4 months of no cycling. =p

This is not my last race yet =p I'll be doing my last race for this year next week =) wish me luck.

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