Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A runner's crave

I used to be a big eater, the huge appetite that I had when I was in Penang has allowed me to fully utilize all available spaces in my stomach to pump in all the Penang good food. With my high calorie burn training routine, I can hardly put on weight. That gives me all the privilege to eat whatever I want! However, some serious races which I put in extra effort to do well can stop me from eating all the junk food. During that period, even my favorite junk food won't break my will to eat healthy.

A month before Taiping Marathon, all food intake under control. 
No ice drinks, no fried food, no caffeine, no mamak, no KFC. I check food labels before eating, and try to reduce processed food. I was supposed to score PB in Taiping pancake flat half marathon but it didn't happen. So I targeted PJ Half Marathon. 
Which means, I had to extend my "healthy diet period".

I was feeling hungry actually, I can't stop imagining Sushi when I was running. Why Sushi? I have no idea.  The determination to get a good Sushi was sky high till it triggered me to score PB so that the achievement is worth rewarding. =) 
My previous record 1 hour 30 minutes, now 1 hour 26 minutes! Faster by 4 minutes.

My favourite food ranking:

1. Fish Farm Thai Tom Yum (Ulu Langat)
2.Lorong Selamat Char Kuew Teow (Penang)
3. Plum Sauce Lala (Cooked by Michael)
4. Uncle Bob's Fried Chicken (Sg Besi Pasar Malam)
5. Whipped Potato ( I make myself)
6. Lokan Bakar (Sabah)
7. Grilled chicken ( by my mum )
8. Curry Maggie
9. Otak-otak gelang patah
10. Red wine chicken ( BeiKing restaurant, Sitiawan)
*the ranking might change based on my current appetite =p

Sushi is not even in my top 10 list! Moral of the story, a runner can crave for anything u can ever imagine when he/she is hungry during a race. Haha. Whatever it is, I'm gonna treat myself well today after the tiring morning PT. Permission to go outing granted, takkan la aku nak keluar sorang kan?
Called up Jamie at 11.45am, she just woke up. (a common post exam exhaustion) She just finished her final exams and she did great. She fetched me at LRT, the very first thing I told her was, 
"Let's go eat Sushi".

I enjoyed watching plates of Sushi moving in front of me, and get to choose whatever I want!

Minutes ago, I saw Ronnie posted online for PJ Half Marathon result. My timing was 1 hour 24 minutes which means I broke my PB by 6 minutes!
What a great day! =) Gonna reward myself 2nd round tonight!

now I'm back to UPNM, following routine, eating food from cook house...
the SEALS always say, "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday".

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