Monday, October 22, 2012

Onboard Jebat

 I'm honored to be chosen to come onboard KD Jebat for my final year military training. This special 2 months appointment onboard Malaysia's best frigate will definitely elevate my self esteem and raise my pride. Jebat is currently the Senior Officer Afloat (SOA) in the fleet, the crews are pushing the standard high to keep up with the Commanding Officer's requirement.

The ship's capability to combat 3 dimensional warfare is simply impressive! My day one following the night round, it feels surreal to touch the missiles. Sophisticated ships need smart and highly capable crews. For that reason, all the officers serving on board Jebat are the best officers in the fleet. I'll grab this opportunity to learn as much as possible, I don't wanna sound stupid for not knowing my ship well enough when people ask me.

This is one of the very few times when I feel glad for being tiny. This ship is packed with weaponry systems which has compensated the crew's comfort unlike the spacious and roomy smart ship New generation Patrol Vessel. Sonar room is currently my place to stay, the room is so low that I can't even stand up straight inside the room! However, I personally think that it feels cozy with the 2 yellow bulb warming the room up. Being lean and low fat, the low temperature inside the ship has given me a tough time to "acclimatize". I fell sick in less than a week. I was coughing like crazy, I couldn't breathe well because of my flu. All thanks to my parents for sending me Medicine, I'm getting better now=) 

I'm not contactable when I'm inside the ship, so I don't get to online very often. Focusing on my training is my main objective now, and pray hard for overseas trip =p

KD Jebat

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