Sunday, September 30, 2012

PJ Half Marathon 2012 - Race Report

 Got up 0400H and prepared for my very last race of this year. My parents are coming, my dad will be doing the 7km and my mum become the pom pom girl. Feeling neither anxious nor nervous in this race morning, I was calm and cool. NORMALLY for me, no heart punching means I wouldn't perform as I wish. Putting myself on the starting line, 3 gels in my back pocket, compression wear all ready, Newton shoes ready, so if I don't perform well means I've myself to be blamed. =p Standing next to Pei Ni, we were chit chatting before the race starts. She is a podium girl, I mean podium finisher, not the Le Tour de France cheek kissing kind of girl. After offering her one of my gels and a good luck wish, I went my pace.  =)

Not this kind of podium girl.

The first 3 minutes, I was at the front pack. Reaching the 2nd kilometer, all of them suddenly dispersed without me realizing! They really have NOS in them! =p I settled down with Chua somewhere kilometer 7, he was the pacemaker. Trailing behind him, my body just couldn't respond especially when come to the hilly section. Deep down inside, I was feeling a bit sad because this will be my last race of this year, after this I will be serving on board warship, I won't have time to prove myself anymore.

I choked down my 2nd gel, then I saw my watch showed "44 minutes". Haha I took it too early, I got at least another 9km to go and I was worried that the caffeine might make me do pit stop by the road side! Thank God it didn't. At the turning point, Chuah told me that 7 kilometers left, "If u want to push, please go ahead!". His sportsman spirit is really admirable. Sometimes the body is unpredictable, suddenly I felt fresh and started to increase my pace. Then I saw the 4km distance marker. Next I saw the 3km distance marker after 4 minutes, which means I was running at pace 4.00mins/km! That's alright for me =) Throughout the course, all markers were clearly visible and they prepared orange cones every 10m all the way! The organizer did an excellent job!

Coming into the stadium, I saw my mum and she yelled "top 10!!!". =) Running in a sea of short distance runners, I had a tough time avoiding them. I think I've said "Excuse me" at least 50 times! haha.
Finished the race around 1 hour 26 mins. New PB!
I forgot to stop the watch =p
went out again to become pacemaker.

 This is one of the few races where I get to wear shorts after racing. I only have this privilege when I race on my own, not representing UPNM. U guys probably won't understand how nice it is to have the freedom to wear shorts =p 
 All men open runners up one ranking after Mok was disqualified. 
That's good for Edan, he made it to the podium. 
Memang rezeki. Orang baik dibalas baik.

 My father did the 7km run. It has been a long long time since the last time he joined running events.
See the tan lines on my arms? All thanks to laser boating.
Fellow Midshipmen
They raced in Taiping Marathon, now they're here for PJ Half. They must be addicted to the pain of racing.It's good to see them running! =)

Next 2 months I'll be on board, occasionally I will still run in the evening. Because of the unpredictable ship's sailing schedule, I can't confirm which date that I'm available for racing. I'm not quitting endurance racing.


K3vski said...

Wah very fast Chan! Congrats! All th best for your shipping (correct term?) You'll come back even more eligible bachelor haha

UglySaddy said...

Don't worry, dude! You are just 23, there a still a long way to go.Be a Popeye the sailorman then come back to race like a cheetah!

Chan Jun Shen said...

Kevin, I don't know if the term "shipping" can be used, never heard of it before =p You're fast too! Soon you'll be one of the top malaysian triathlete, I'm so proud to get messages from friends telling me u did great in Desaru =)

lionel87 said...

Great performance! Don't worry about those two months, it'll pass very quickly. All the best on board!