Tuesday, September 25, 2012

KD Sultan Idris I - My 2012 experience

Our final year military training is approaching to an end. 
Recalling all the incidents happened and decisions that I have made throughout my appointment as the Midshipmen CO is what I always do at the end of all my trainings. 

Our first two weeks here, I was playing one man show, autocratic leadership. I flatten the hierarchy of chain of command to get information delivered quicker. Being the leader was very lonely, people come to me complaining problems and I have to solve their problem. what about my own problem? 
for the 2nd consecutive time, I took up this position because I have personal issues. I believe keeping myself busy might put aside my worries.

End of week 3, gossips were spreading and morale of the men was getting lower. Some of them aren't happy with some of my conducts, but no one ever came to me face to face, because no body wants to take up Midshipmen CO. Being taught of many types of leadership during my 2nd year, I've picked Servant Leadership to be my choice. After week 2, everything stabilized and most of them are able to follow routine set by KDSI. So I changed be a more diplomatic leader, I conducted meeting to let each and everyone of them to voice up. Here I am, standing in front of all Midshipmen, taking all the bullets by myself. Thankfully, I managed to come out with quite persuasive answers which comforted the crowd. We have agreed for the concept of volunteerism, which means every time when a task is given, we volunteer to take it up, no need to detail. Surprisingly, it went well ! =)
At that point of time, I had more think tanks and man power to assist me, job delegation was much easier. 

Just now we had our RPC in the midst of State One! The function was less merry with all officers and staffs busy guarding the sector, anticipating for attack. I did a quick draft of my speech in my pendrive, then plugged it in to my phone. With my pendrive attached to my phone, everyone was staring at my cool gadget. =p Early speech rehearsal was fine. I had no idea what went wrong 10 minutes before RPC, words just failed to flow as I wished! I stopped rehearsing and prayed alone at one corner, I told myself I'm gonna speak up my thoughts and voice it out right from my heart.
with applause from officers and midshipmen during my speech, I guess I did quite well. I breathe a sigh of relief right after I said "Sedia Berkorban. TQ." (navy people end their speeches with Sedia Berkorban). Few steps from the rostrum, a few senior officers said "Midshipemen CO, great speech!"
So glad that it all went well. 
Words from a sincere heart always make the best speech.

Flattered with the compliments, I walked around chatting with a few officers. I talked to Lt Cdr Segar for very very long, sharing some interesting stories with him and listening to his wise advice. 
I was called to CO's office together with 2 other Midshipmen to present the E Filing system. Commanding Officer Captain Suhaimi is a good listener, he allowed us to express our ideas and he listened attentively. I am really sick of people calling UPNM products are stupid, so I told CO to allow us participate in KKI (innovative competition) to prove ourselves. This Friday, this brilliant project will be presented to the Dato' Syed, our CNET!

The drastic changes and risk taking was worthwhile, I never regret trying.  I couldn't be happier seeing some of the positive impacts to UPNM and KDSI I which were initiated by me. After 20 years, I can proudly claim them as my greatest life achievements.
Leadership is an art, get things done with your own creative way =)

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