Monday, September 24, 2012

Laser Boating in KDSI I

After 3 weeks of training followed by a theory test and practical test, I've finally passed my Laser Boat License Test! Woohoo!

Our license test for this year is a lot stricter than last year. Last year everyone passed. 
As for my group, 11 out of 54 passed. Minor mistakes were seriously penalized. For example :
1. rudder not properly secured after leaving slipway, deduct 4 marks
2. centerboard should be pushed maximum once sailor is on board, or else deduct 2 marks
3. capsized boat must be recovered within 15 secs, or u fail straightaway. 
4. Main sheet's figure of 8 not released upon alongside, penalty.
5. Poor selection of course, deduct marks. 

Whatever it is, I'm so glad that I passed the test. 
Sailing had got something similar with triathlon, it is all about enduring the PAIN
If it doesn't hurt means you're not pushing hard enough.

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