Sunday, September 23, 2012

KDSI Orphanage Visit

 22nd September 2012
Charity work at Ummu Sofiah Orphanage.

Encik Karim and Ibu Faridah have done a great job taking care of this group of less fortunate kids. With very limited resources, they really need external support from the public to maintain this orphanage. This place is definitely not conducive enough for kids to grow up. However, I believe the Principal have instilled spiritual strength and shower them with love, prepare them before reaching the age of 18 to face the challenge in this society. Leaving them unattended in the society pose a huge risk of them getting bad influence, being raped and tortured. 

 We came in a huge team of 51 Midshipmen, 10 Graduates and 20 over Officers and Staffs to do charity work to ease their burden. What we did was basically cleaning and painting, some minor repair, food and cash contribution. Our Commanding Officer Captain Suhaimi Bin Sani joined the working party, triggering all of us to work even harder after inspired by his "Leadership by Example".
Throughout the charity work, we mingled well with the kids. In fact, the orphans even requested us to stay overnight to play with them. What actually caught their attention was actually the Midshipmen's smart phones =p Most of us let them play games with our HTC, Samsung and IPhones. Before leaving, some of the Midshipmen took off their caps and gave it to the kids as souvenir.



before we left, we asked them :
" adik, abang mana yg paling handsome? "
guess who got the highest vote =p

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