Saturday, August 25, 2012


This unofficial challenge has attracted lots of strong runners to come and compete.
It all started from a Facebook post by Ronnie See, Raja Bukit challenging Raja Tangga for 5 loops of KLCC Park. Within hours, more and more strong runners responded to that post.
An evening competition which was supposed to be a 2 men fight, turned out to be such a huge crowd. We even had Mr Tey and Mr Chan who came along to be our event photographer. =)

5 loops = 6.5km
Yip was the champion, followed by Richard, and I finished 3rd. 

23.59 - Yip Weng Tak
24.54 - De Runner (Richard Habeya)
25.34 - Chan Jun Shen
26.14 - Jothpal Singh
26.19 - Ronnie See - PB
26.51 - Daniel Tan - PB
29.54 - Loh Wing Keen
32.53 - Azrul
35.00 - Kelvin Yew
39.50 - Weng Woo - PB

During the holiday, seeing all the running event updates made me feel so jealous. I can only participate ONE event next month. For this one event, I have to thank Commander Khairil for giving me the chance to prove myself. I can't do early registration for any event coz my training schedule will be published last minute, so I can't plan for myself. Throughout my life, I've never ever gotten any early bird registration fees. Yes, NEVER. As for now, my registration for Desaru is still pending. I don't even know if I'm allowed to race for Desaru. 

My last day at home, going back to Lumut Naval Base tmrw. 
I'm bringing back 3 running shoes including my New Newton. I won the Lucky Draw after buying this Newton shoes, so I believe this shoes will bring me good luck for my future races =) The next lucky draw will be end of this month.I spent RM 359 on the Newton, and I won a Descente sports bag worth RM 249. If I win another Lucky Draw next month, this shoes is gonna be free of charge already.


K3vski said...

Come, come to Desaru! It'll be like old times racing with you, like Langkawi 2010 :D

Chan Jun Shen said...

Kevin, I would love to race desaru! but I can't cycle, no time to swim in Lumut =( I've been spending most of my time running. I'm downgrading from a triathlete to a runner.. so sad...