Sunday, August 5, 2012


I'm actually considering changing sport from triathlon to competitive sailing after 7 days of boating lesson. Given the chance to enjoy the navy's boat house facility was a great privilege to us. This rich man's sport is neither hard nor easy. With no engine, this boat fully relies on wind power to move. The triangular sail fitted on the mast is the major component, and it needs to be properly rigged. This is when my boyscout knowledge gives me slight advantage when it comes to knotting. 
Bowline, Clove hitch, Figure of Eight, and so on... everything was piece of cake. =p
 Lt Cdr Arif teaching us what to do when the boat capsized.

 We were told to complete the whole boat's set up in 7 minutes time. My first try was slightly over 10 minutes. After many many failures, I managed to set a blazing fast record, 5 minutes 40 secs! All thanks to the transition tips in triathlon, I really laid out all the ropes and blocks just like how I set up my transition area. Before getting my license, I'll be sitting for a theory test, and need to sail to Pangkor. I'm really excited about it. This boat can fit in 3 person, I'm planning to bring passengers once I passed my license. =)

15km in 1 hour 6 minutes, recorded by SportyPal. Not so bad for the undulating naval base loop. 
I came back from massage around 3pm, had a quick nap before hitting the road. The weather was windy and cooling after the rain, a great opportunity to do LSD which I shouldn't miss. On normal days, the weather here is exactly like Langkawi Ironman, and the haze made things even worse. 5km was enough to kill me.

I'm more serious with my running now, as I'm on a mission. I registered for a race, and this race will determine my sporting future in KDSI 1.
when the boss says "I want someone to get into top 10"
I feel that I'm the best candidate to get things done.

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