Sunday, July 29, 2012

Swim Test

Those who failed this swim test will not go home for the Raya break.

The test consist of :
Dive from the tower and swim 100 with overall, take off the overall while floating, then float for 5 minutes. Lastly, dive and pick up the overall and swim back.  

It sounds simple, but swimming with overall is really challenging. I corrected the junior's stroke just now, and taught them how to float. Let's just cut short the drama, just now 2 fella nearly drowned and I had to tow them to the pool side. They grasp me so tightly and both of us nearly sink all the way down to the bottom. Being an International Lifesaver, this is the time my competency is being tested. I pushed him away from me and grabbed his chin from behind. Right hand holding his chin, I pushed up his cheat using my left hand to let him breathe. I kept telling them to trust me, relax the body and let me do the towing. Once the "victim" calmed down, I started chin towing with single arm. My last resort will be punching them in the face to make them faint, easier for me to tow a "dead" body. Till today, I've never punched any drown victim. Of course, the two juniors were scolded by me and got 20 push-ups. I'm glad that I managed to saved them, I was damn exhausted after that. Seems like I need to buck up my fitness.

Before calling it a day, I challenged the juniors 50m breast stroke. Anyone who beats me will get a set of Zinger Burger. Haha too bad the 2nd guy was about 10m behind =p A KFC meal can be a superb morale booster for alpha routine cadet. Because of long period following the routine and refrained from getting outside food, even a mee goreng mamak can be super tempting. 

The good news of today, I broke my base run record.

Lumut Base Run 5.2km
Time : 19.59 mins
My new Personal Best =) nearly half a minute faster than the previous run.


ItsTooLat3 said...

your life are so fulfilled and occupied...dont know if one day i can have a life like what you having now..seem very fun and challenging..salute :D

Hasif Haziq said...

haha. i really wanna join RMN but the problem is i can't swim. haihh -.-''