Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fitness Test

This morning we had an unexpected fitness test. The 2.8km run test was conducted without any preparation. Like it or not, I had to run with an injured leg. We were expected to finish by 16 minutes. The wind was strong, I planned to lean more forward to avoid wind drag slow me down=p sounds scientific? but it doesn't make me any faster. First 3 rounds, the Char Kuew Teow and half boiled egg in my stomach was gonna throw out anytime, round 4 I felt a little better. Round 5 I started sprinting already, but a bit too late to catch up with my expected time. I came back with a disappointing 10 minutes 48 seconds. I normally run 2.4km below 8 minutes when I'm in good form. I was the fastest midshipmen to finish, overlapped the No 2 by 1.5 round. It doesn't really matter because I'm expecting myself to break my own record.

Late in the evening, I talked to my cadets. The ALAM Palapes was standing right next to them. The cadets were commencing punishment while the ALAM Palapes stood next to them waiting for dinner. As instructed by the officers, they're not to be touched. Their presence was just to "feel" how it is like to be a Navy. Also, I found out that the fastest cadet finished the 2.4km run in 9.02mins. I challenged them to beat my time 7.15mins, and perfect score for fitness test. They need to improve on their fitness. The Alpha routine they're going through is somehow being reduced its intensity. They get to sleep very early, so no excuse to not perform well for EMA. Surprisingly, cold drinks was served on their table during lunch.

This song is my all time favorite =)

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