Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Love from Penang

I got a phone call just now, from Michael. They probably have no idea how much that half an hour conversation helps in making me feel loved. Initially I told Michael of the possibility of me going to Penang this weekend. Again, I had to cancel it. Every time I cancel on them, they'll be telling me "Hey Chan, it's okay, just come when u are free...". Michael will always insist that they always welcome me to Penang, probably he just didn't want to make me feel bad. The warmth I feel when talking to them really eases me from all the stresses that I'm having. I was there for my internship, then I turned into a swim coach, and next I became part of their family! I'm really blessed =)

There were times when I was under extreme pressure and depression last week. I had no one to talk to. Somehow, Ethan came across my mind. I still remember clearly the days when he used to run around proudly tells people that his swim coach is a 3 times Ironman finisher. That is a great motivation for me to not give up, at least to not disappoint him. While updating Michael with what is going on with me, I heard Ethan chuckles at the back. He has always sounds so cute when he laughs =) I spoke to Jasmine, as usual, she will update me about Ethan's curricular and co-curricular activities, and also some "news" that I used to feel eager to know. Things have changed over time. However, the distance between Penang and KL only make the love grow fonder. I really miss them.  
Ethan asked me "Chan ge ge, do u have a girlfriend now?"

I could hear the whole family laughed so loud! I was sure neighbors 2 floors on top could hear Jasmine's laughter =p I was blushing on this side while listening to their teasing. Imagine Ethan was lecturing me about girls? Kids nowadays grow too quickly. He is not even 12 years old. My goodness.   

That hour on the phone, I spoke to the whole family including their maid Josephine! Josephine's English is kinda funny, I had to really focus to understand what she was trying to tell me. I think because she worked in Hong Kong, born in Philipine and now works in Malaysia that mixed up all her English accent =p Michael's family is really close to my heart. I always tell them, I feel very comfortable with them, I feel glad to have a place in Penang to escape. At least to temporarily put the reality and responsibility aside. The reassurance from them that they always welcome me to Penang really touched my heart.  

Penang is my place to defy reality. Probably this is the one missing puzzle in my life. 

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Zaira Fadzil said...

well, u didn't answer the question.

now, do you have a girlfriend? ;P