Thursday, June 7, 2012

Get Your Facts Right!

I came across this lowyat forum when I was checking my blog traffic yesterday. Reading their comments and thoughts, portrays how shallow Malaysian know about what is going on in the Armed Forces. Being a keyboard hero and talk as u wish wouldn't make u sound educated, so get your facts right before making a public statement. Also, I would like to thank those who say encouraging words to my brother Jun Kwan =) He will work hard to not disappoint u guys =)

Now, let me get your facts right and lead u to the right direction =) Because I'm in the military since the past 9 years, I know what's going on. So lets stop all the crap talk. those who wanna read about the forum that I'm talking, click Lowyat Forum

1. Acceptance to Annapolis 
The test inclusive of medical test, academic test and fitness test. everything is extremely strict. No quota, no cable or tongkat or whatsoever. It is all on your own. Malaysian cadets were offered a place, but if no one passes the minimum requirement, no body will go.

2. Chan Jun Shen vs Chan Jun Win vs Chan Jun Kwan

Chan Jun Shen
UPNM Navy Cadet, Final Year Mechanical Engineering (Aeronautics), 3 Times Ironman Finisher, 2 Times University Duathlete of The Year, International Lifesaver, Best Trainee in National Service, Graduated from RMC

Chan Jun Win
Medical Student in Russia sponsored by Ministry of Defence, State player (volleyball, badminton, pingpong), Straight A's SPM, Best Trainee in National Service, Graduated from RMC

Chan Jun Kwan
Future Engineering Student of United States Naval Academy, State player (volleyball, badminton, pingpong), Straight A's SPM, Graduated from RMC (Commandant Prize Winner)

3. Contact with the Military
all 3 of us are sponsored by the Ministry of Defence MALAYSIA, we signed contract to serve the military. There is no such thing as brain drain. Jun Win and Jun Kwan will come back and serve the nation. They won't go to US and become their soldier.

4. Blog
www.opchan.blogspot is my blog, Chan Jun Shen. Jun Kwan has no blog yet. This blog is to record my hectic military life in Kem Sungai Besi. I write for myself, not to please anyone, so I only have to answer to myself. wanna know more, go to "About Me" at the upper left section and click it. To meet Jun Kwan, please visit his facebook. All 3 of us use our own name in facebook, we don't fake our identity because we are mature men who will serve as officers and gentlemen. 

Hope this post enlighten the readers and guide u to the right direction. =)

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