Sunday, June 10, 2012

Exam Dilemma

I never liked exams, the pressure is so immense that I always think Ironman is much easier that sitting in the exams hall. Tomorrow will be my first paper, I've been studying since last Friday. This morning  I spent an hour for one question, and that's very demoralizing. I repeated the graph drawing for 4 times! One tiny mistake in the early calculation lead to the disastrous domino effect. Everything you've done before, will be considered void. 

Computer Aided Design of Canister

I can never sit still for hours, I rather do projects. I like hands on works. That's why I do well in projects rather than on paper. Last week, I got this very brilliant idea after talking to Captain Samuel Ng. To not waste that idea, I wanna put it into reality. So I turned my lap top on and did the engineering drawing before importing it into simulations. Nowadays, softwares are so advance that I just have to sit in front of my lap top, key in parameters and material properties to get the result. Experimental works are just to validate the simulation results. 

Pressure Applied on the Inner Surface

I went to see my supervisor about this project. Just so u know, it won't contribute to my academic scores. I'm just doing it for fun. To make myself happy, I need to do it. The thought of making this a product, has been lingering in my mind for days, so I can't focus on exams. I asked 3 Professors already, all of them contributed to my better understanding of how this works. To patent this project is my biggest dream as a degree student. However, I realise that I might have to put the dream aside because my supervisor told me that I need RM15k to patent. Obviously, I don't have the cash. 

I went around and asked for used canisters, no one could help me. I posted this on facebook, my mum was the first to respond. Although her comment didn't help much, but that shows that she cares, and I appreciate it. Normally when I post anything on facebook, I'll get lots of likes and comments, but not this time. I have more than a thousand friends on Facebook, only Captain Samuel replied me. That's the biggest reason why I stopped approving friends, because I know the real ones are really very little. Never mind, I will do this on my own. I'm an Ironman, lonely 17 hours of racing, no big deal for me.

What I will do next, is to BUY canisters for my experiment. Self reliance is still the best.  


Henry Wong said...

I wanted to reply, but u must wish me getting my tube burst during training then only I can keep the canister for you ...XD!

Chan Jun Shen said...

Hey, not to worry man. Thanks for the offer anyway =) I was just a little demoralized when doing the project so I just blogged it out =)

ida muslimah said...

just do the best.... they will come to u only if u success...whatever, it a good creation.... good luck :)