Friday, May 25, 2012

UPNM R-Day 2012

The long awaited R-day has finally arrived. With over 400 candidates who successfully passed the interview,  almost 90% reported for R-day while the rest 10%, menyerah sebelum perang. =p Nearly every single one of them came with parents, escorted by family members, some even accompanied by their girl friend. Wearing black tie and slack with well ironed white long sleeves smiling with their friends, it clearly portrays their naiveness. The joy of getting a place as an officer cadet in UPNM is incredible, but u better know what are u signing up for. Career in the military is not for everyone. 

Senior cadets wearing uniform welcoming the candidates with a heart warming smile =p

Hopeful Parents.
I was wearing my outing uniform standing in a sea of people, most parents came to me voicing out their worries, "kat sini ada ragging tak, baik awak cakap betul-betul..."
The word RAGGING is so hard to define. A simple 20 push ups might be misinterpreted as ragging for them. I've seen parents crying when they came to visit and accidentally saw their kids crawling with FSMO.  One thing which attracts people to come UPNM, is the sponsored education and monthly pay. Their lousy day one marching was rewarded with a standing ovation at the end of ceremony. 

In parents' eyes, their kids are always the best.

That lady cadet with the air force blue uniform is my classmate Jaja. One male candidate was suffering from chest pain during the one hour march and he was telling Jaja, "kak... saya sakit dada kak..." 
haha way to go man. this is just day one and cadets parade every single day! God bless u...

Everyone Deserves A Smile From You
I went to Pernama to get some cold drinks after my dinner. Feeling a little exhausted and thirsty, I sat outside the Pernama to quench my thirst while watching the juniors walked pass. Then there's this candidate smiling at me, he had his fluorescent green backpack slinging on his left shoulder (typical civilian style). A cadet officer will only carry black brief case walking around! So I asked him what's his name (in a stern military tone).
"Shakir Bin Daud" he happily answered. 

He asked me back "Asal mana?" while giving me that joyous civilian smile. 
All of a sudden I felt like my volcano was gonna explode any second and I angrily stared at him for a moment. How the hell can a junior smile at me and talk to me without acknowledging my seniority! He kept smiling at me, so insensitive over what could have been his worst day ever in life! I didn't scold nor punish him, because this is just his day one. So I continued talking to him, like a civilian. =p 
Before I left, i told him "see u after two weeks".

his smile flashed back my memories when Jamie told me "everyone deserves a smile from you" 
have I lost my civilian smile after joining the military? I can't think of a word to explain how that "civilian smile" looks like, it just shows so much of joy and happiness. I once gave my senior that kind of smile and he yelled at me 
"F*ck your smile!!!". 
I've been F*cking my smile ever since. =p

Frankly, I'm not against civilians. Just that when u put on uniform as a military man, u have to behave like one. So since they're in the military, I treat them like a military man.

My youngest brother Jun Kwan is also one of the candidates, but he is of different breed. He too has long lost his civilian smile like me, and well aware of the military protocols. Military is a way of life, not just a career. Monday night, Jun Kwan was given 20 push ups by my junior right in front of me. He is a bloddy junior in UPNM, so I have no reason to back him up. That's part of his training that I shouldn't interfere. 

I'm now staying at this haunted, most feared block. sebab senior perangai macam hantu. 
Block Lembah is only for the senior most, the place where the Zulu stays...


ida muslimah said...

although u look like a bomb or boiled water... but i know....that smile hidden ...flourescent that no one ever know.."klu anak buah x takut kat kau,suke kat kau...itu menunjukkan kau lemah,kau gagal, klu anak buah betul2 takut kat kau..dgr suara pon dah ketar lutut..itu maknenya kau x gagal sbg sorang pemimpin dlm askar .... .....that one of my friend ( also military) told me... :)

Chan Jun Shen said...

fear and respect is two different thing. A feared leader will never get respect once they have their uniform stripped off. Subordinates only fear of yr rank and actually don't even have a tiny bit of respect for your personality.