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Malakoff University Duathlon Series 2012 - UPNM

Even before the race started, racers have been saying we will win because of home ground. However, I believe my team have proven to be powerful in all 3 series by dominating the podium. I know this running course really well, I ride this route almost everyday, I could even remember every single pot holes. This is the place to produce duathlete, triathlete, and Ironman.  
transition for this leg is extremely hard, the mounting line was really far compare to the other 2 series. 
Instead of warming up, I spent my time walking around and talk to people. It was so clear and sure that Lim will win this game, unless he faces any mechanical failure. To win the trophy brings personal glory, but the main objective is still to win for the team. Only achievements can guarantee better allocation for our team in times to come. The conclusion is, we NEED to win. I was talking to Kannan, then a few guys including Melody came and squatted, they started strapping my left ankle with RFID chips. As if I'm a bad dog need to be under supervision all the time =p

First Run
The first run was super fast, as usual the Algerian guy was sprinting like crazy. No body could even touch him! To run that fast, I believe he must have been training really hard. Lim and Tarmizi was escorted by a few relay runners, while Aiman, Amirul and I were the "old horses" enjoying the race.

In my peloton was Riki, Aiman, Tarmizi, Haziq and Hudha. After a few pulls, Haziq was a little exhausted and after that it turned out to be a team time trial, everyone work hard to keep the pace high. Along the course I saw my team mates forming small pelotons just like what we always do during training. At the opposite direction, old horse Kicap was pulling a train of riders who was reluctant to take the lead. Pity him =p Come the last loop and Lim started attacking, even the relay riders couldn't keep up with him. He was chasing after the marshals riding on motorbike! I was stunned by his attack, where the hell he got that energy from??!!
Easy ride =)

New MUDS Champion and the Old MUDS Champion.
he has really bright future in this sport. at such young age with superb performance, definitely he will be an elite athlete before he graduates.  

Ain and Mirul had a nice finish. Luckily I was there at the right time to snap this sweet moment =p

Dayan, Me, Maam Nurina, Danial and Aiman. 
I felt really happy to see them, it has been ages since the last time we met. Danial needed a bike so the club him got his bike prepared. I posted on facebook asking the team to help, immediately Mek responded. Danial even the bike was too good for him! =) This family has been supporting me during my junior years, I was rescued by Maam Nurina for my first bike crash in this camp. 

War dance, full of adrenaline.

Here comes the cheerleaders. This performance was unexpected, the crowd were screaming when they came out. The moment I came back, my room mate asked me if I get to watch all these shows during the race =p typical Ham Sap Lou.  I should have said yes and definitely he will quit rugby and come to MUDS. 
when I walked up the stage to receive my 4th placing medal, our Vice Chancellor said to me 
"U are old already...." 
I felt like saying "Old dog still has teeth" =p Even for my senior year I can still spend time to race man! =)
I believe the senior management is very happy with our performance, especially for the Men University clean sweep podium finish! =) 

I finished the race with Riki. I really really like his running posture. he looks really graceful when he runs. 

My parents came for all the 3 series. Thanks a lot for supporting me =)
Aiman has been racing for years, this year would be his best performance ever for manage to get podium finish every single series. Amirul joined the relays, then grab his camera to snap pictures. We've achieved our own goals, set course records and guided the juniors. It's time to fade away and see the juniors shine =)

Last year when I won the Power Bar University Duathlete of the Year for the 2nd time, I told the team that I'm done. But now I'm coming back again to race for the juniors, help them to get good position so that they get to race less stressful. I guess this time is for real, I shall put a pause in endurance racing so that I can focus on my military training. Really ah? =p

Nice shirt by 2ndSkin. 
Next Goal, to be faster than a Jamaican. 
Time to rest =) Goodbye readers. 

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